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-== Chase Visa Signature Mileage Plus == 
-A fairly new card for United airlines. ​ Gives 40,000 miles on sign-up, single miles on most purchases, double miles on others (groceries, etc.)  Annual fee is ~$50-100 (waived first year)  Not too many perks on the airline itself; there are occasional random offers, like a $75 off United Flight coupon. ​ Having a Visa Signature is nice, too. 
-== Delta SkyMiles Gold American Express == 
-A great card if you're flying Delta a lot.  Signing bonus of 40,000 miles, then one mile per dollar, double on Delta purchases. ​ Lots of perks on Delta flights: priority boarding, free bags, and 20% off airline food/​entertainment. ​ Annual fee is in the $50-100 range, but waived your first year.  American Express has amazing customer service (replaced my card within 24 hours after I registered it stolen), and some general perks (concert presales, etc.)  Unfortunately,​ lots of places in the Bay Area do not accept AmEx... 
-== Capital One Venture card == 
-The [[http://​www.capitaloneventure.com/#/​Welcome | Capital One Venture card]] is one of the best cards out there if you want to earn airline miles. ​ You get two points per dollar, and can then redeem them for flights (as well as other things) at the rate of 1 cent/​point. ​ I.e. a $500.00 plane ticket costs you 50,000 points. ​ This is different from most other airline credit cards, whose award-miles-per-flight rates vary wildly depending on demand. ​ For example, even though the jetBlue credit card gives you 1 point/​dollar,​ it turns out that when you redeem points for some flights, each point can be worth as little as 0.75 cents/​point. 
-According to [[http://​www.nerdwallet.com/​blog/​2011/​nerdwallets-best-rewards-credit-cards/​|NerdWallet]],​ 
-the Southwest Airlines card is really good: 25000 miles on signup, 1 mile per dollar, double that 
-on Southwest expenditures,​ and 3000 mile annual bonus. There is a $69 dollar annual fee, 
-and Southwest tends to be relatively light on the perks that you get for flying with them a lot.