AY 375 Fall 2016: 9th Day Plan

Section Recap (20 minutes)

  • Collect lesson plan notebooks
  • Collect section video recap worksheets

Experienced GSI Visit (40 minutes)

GSIs visiting:

  • Confirmed: Adrian, Katherine, Wren

Some prompts:

  • What classes have you GSI-ed/TA-ed for? Have you been the instructor of any courses?
  • What have been the biggest challenges that you've faced while teaching?
  • How do you balance teaching with all the other demands of grad school?
  • In your teaching experience, what strategies have you found to be effective? Not effective? (e.g., different lecture styles, type of homework problems, projects vs. exams, etc.)
  • What do you like best about teaching?

Break (5 minutes)

Pedagogy Reading Discussion (45 minutes)

Feedback (5 minutes)


  1. None!