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 +======AY 375 - Fall 2017: Eleventh Day Lesson Plan======
 +=====Section Recap (20 min)=====
 +Remind them what to think about for section recap:
 +   * What did you do? 
 +   * What worked? ​
 +   * What didn't work? What would you do differently?​
 +   * How did you assess learning?
 +   * Did anything unexpected happen?
 +=====Faculty Q&A (60 min)=====
 +Panel: Adrian Liu, Dan Weisz
 +Possible Q&A Questions:
 +  * How do you form learning objectives and lesson plans?
 +  * How do you assess (in lecture, with the GSIs in discussion section, on the exams) whether learning goals are being met?
 +  * What is your lecture style like? Do you employ active learning strategies (think-pair-share,​ etc.) in your lectures? ​
 +  * In your teaching experience, what strategies have you found to be effective? Not effective? (e.g., different lecture styles, type of homework problems, projects vs. exams, etc.)
 +  * What do you like best about teaching?
 +  - None!