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 =====Feedback:​ Closing the Loop (20 min)===== =====Feedback:​ Closing the Loop (20 min)=====
-(min) Write down one common ​piece of feedback ​that you received ​from your students - this could be something ​you agree with or don'​t ​agree with. +(10 min) With a group, share one piece of feedback from your midsemester evals that surprised ​you. If you haven'​t ​administered evals yetshare one question ​you would like to ask.
- +
-(3 min) Individuallythink about how you could respond ​to the feedback (both verbally in class, and instruction-wise in terms of future sections). +
- +
-(5 min) Share with a partner+
 (10 min) Class discussion (10 min) Class discussion