AY 375 - Fall 2020: Second Day Lesson Plan

Introductions (5 min)

  • Important Reminders:
    • Enroll and complete the GSI Resource Center's Online Ethics Course. You are all required to enroll in this course and complete all five online modules during the first 2 weeks of the semester.
    • Contact Maria Kies (emkies@berkeley.edu) if you think you will need to use a room in Campbell to remotely teach from. Unfortunately, the deadline has already passed, but there still may be a workable solution if you cannot teach from home.
  • Recap what the homework was:
    • Draft a syllabus for your course
    • Draft a lesson plan for your first section

Lesson Plan and Syllabus Exchange (25 min)

  • (15 mins) Trade your lesson plan and syllabus with at least two people for feedback
    • Upload Syllabus and Lesson Plan Files to bCourses.
  • (10 mins) Discussion:
    • What did you see that you liked or want to borrow?
    • Reminder of first day skeleton plan

Additional Resources:

Logistics (25 min)

  • When/where people and teaching section / holding office hours for the wiki
  • Pre-first class logistics
    • Request any remote teaching supplies you need
    • Get a copy of the textbook
    • Get a copy code to make handouts
    • Make sure you've met with your instructor and/or Head-GSI and set expectations
    • Is your class using bCourses? (I sure hope so!) Do you have access? Familiarize yourself with it.
    • Upload handouts and materials to your bCourses page for students to access.
    • As much as possible, do a dry run of your section to get familiar with the remote learning technologies (e.g., Zoom, tablets, Google Docs) you will be using.
    • Schedule office hours
    • BADGrads account to access to EBRB
  • Any last minute questions?

Quick Zoom Tutorial (5 min)

Words of Wisdom (5 min)

  • Sharing of words of wisdom from last year's class!

Assignment #2: assigned 8/27

1. Keep a lesson plan notebook throughout the semester. You should be writing out your lesson plan prior to section each week, including specific learning objectives and time estimations. After you teach, jot down some notes/reflections on your lesson plan of what worked well and what didn't - these are useful to have if you teach the same class again in the future!

2. Explore the Creating Healthy Virtual Environment Toolkit.

3. Have great first sections!