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-{{:​discussion-sections.png?​400|}}====== Ay C10 Stuff ======+====== Ay C10 Stuff ======
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 List of Sections (All located in 121 Campbell Hall): List of Sections (All located in 121 Campbell Hall):
-101, Tue, 2-3Massimo117,​ Fri, 2-3Sergiy102,​ Thu, 9-10Brian118,​ Mon, 2-3Caroline103,​ Fri, 1-2Elliot119,​ Wed, 10-11Shaunak104,​ Tue, 9-10Arjun120,​ Tue, 4-5Richard105,​ Tue, 11-12Massimo121,​ Tue, 12-1Keming106,​ Tue, 1-2Keming122,​ Fri, 9-10Kishore107,​ Thu, 11-12Emma123,​ Thu, 12-1Emma108,​ Tue, 3-4Richard124,​ Thu, 3-4Sergiy109,​ Tue, 10-11Arjun125,​ Mon, 9-10Caroline110,​ Wed, 9-10Prakamya126,​ Mon, 10-11Abigail111,​ Thu, 10-11Brian127,​ Mon, 11-12Abigail112,​ Wed, 12-1Kevin128,​ Wed, 2-3Jeremy113,​ Fri, 12-1Kishore129,​ Fri, 11-12Morgan114,​ Thu, 1-2Elliot130,​ Wed, 4-5Kevin115,​ Wed, 11-12Shaunak131,​ Wed, 1-2Jeremy116,​ Thu, 2-3Prakamya132,​ Fri, 10-11Morgan+{{:​discussion-sections.png?​400|}} 
 Table of Sections: Table of Sections: