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 +====== Astronomy Website Maintenance ======
 +Here are some notes for the [[student jobs#​webmaster|student webmaster]] regarding maintenance of
 +the main Astronomy Department website.
 +Pages to keep up-to-date:
 +  * [[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​|Main page]] special items, news, etc.
 +  * [[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​academics/​courses/​|Course website listings]] for each semester, and archives
 +  * [[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​academics/​graduate/​apply.html|Graduate program "how to apply"​]] page in the fall
 +  * [[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​research/​update.html|Annual Research Update]] with slides from Sixty-Second Colloquia
 +  * [[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​resources/​jobs/​postdocs.html|Postdoc jobs page]] in the fall
 +  * [[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​research/​projects/​|Research Projects area]] is probably a total rat's nest
 +  * [[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​research/​undergrad/​research_at_berkeley.php|Undergraduate research opportunities page]] currently maintained by Andrew Siemion and James McBride
 +  * [[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​academics/​awards.html|Student prizes listing]]
 +  * [[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​news/​events.html|List of regular department events]]
 +  * [[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​resources/​jobs/​|Jobs listing page]] for any unusual items (e.g. faculty searches)