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 +=====CAMPBELL HOWL=====
 +by Geoffrey Bower (Ph.D. 1997)
 +(with apologies to Allen Ginsberg)
 +I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Sparc 20s, starving ​
 +        hysterical, naked, ​
 +dragging themselves through Berkeley streets at dawn for veggie burritos, ​
 +Angel headed hipsters searching for the ancient heavenly connection to 
 +        the starry dynamo in the machinery of night, ​
 +who went from Lick to Keck to Hat Creek and back to Lick, 
 +who proposed to NASA, NSF, IAU but never NEA, 
 +who communed with the holy and cordial Shu Arons McKee Davis Silk Theory Mind 
 +        on matters celestial, ​
 +who read ApJ articles until the print smeared onto their hands and they ate 
 +       the paper itself to be free, 
 +who fedexed and faxed and snail- and e-mailed preprints to every continent and 
 +        flashed their Super Mongo plots by overhead in the company of 
 +        the Establishment, ​
 +who bent machines into the shape of the universe and gave away the answer, ​
 +who talked talked talked in cars in cafes in offices with open doors, ​
 +who knew IRAF from IRAS and aped AIPS in this apiary on a high hill, no drones, ​
 +        all queens in this honeycomb, ​
 +who sought lighthouses on degenerate shoals and saw lenses in lenses, ​
 +who -- this actually happened -- turned their eyes into darkness and 
 +        saw an icy stone eaten by the gods, 
 +who left it all for an afternoon on bicycles until they thought their lungs 
 +        would burst, knees explode, and they saw the San Francisco Bay 
 +        vibrate at their feet, 
 +who drank coffee for 36 hours straight until they had visions of a new 
 +        Sun and a new Earth, ​
 +alas, C.R., secret hero of these poems, while you are not graduated, I 
 +        am not graduated.
 +I am with you in Berkeley, ​
 +        where you're madder than I am 
 +I am with you in Berkeley, ​
 +        where you must feel very strange ​
 +I am with you in Berkeley, ​
 +        where you write Chapter One for the eighteenth time 
 +I am with you in Berkeley, ​
 +        where you debate Emacs/vi with a mad jazz man 
 +I am with you in Berkeley, ​
 +        where the ApJ stalagmites tower over you 
 +I am with you in Berkeley, ​
 +        where the elevators run very slowly ​
 +I am with you in Berkeley, ​
 +        where the Cosmic Gardener grows her tomatoes and the Evil Librarian ​
 +        tends his books 
 +I am with you in Berkeley, ​
 +        where in my dreams you walk - thesis in hand - out the doors of 
 +        Campbell Hall.