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 ==== Navigation ==== ==== Navigation ====
 +General notes about navigation commands: First, "​Ctrl"​ commands are the same as in the text editor emacs, so you may find that other emacs line navigation commands work as well. Second, if you are on a Unix machine, note that the line navigation commands work almost anywhere you can edit text - you will learn that accidentally if you start using these commands compulsively. Third, if you use "​Ctrl"​ commands often, you may consider setting the "Caps Lock" key as an additional "​Control"​ key - this is just a computer setting for Unix (e.g. System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys) but requires slightly more work on Windows (e.g. the AutoHotkey program).
   * ''​cntrl-a'':​ go to beginning of line   * ''​cntrl-a'':​ go to beginning of line
   * ''​cntrl-e'':​ go to end of line   * ''​cntrl-e'':​ go to end of line
-  * ''​cntrl-''​k: delete everything to right+  * ''​cntrl-k'':​ delete everything to right
   * ''​cntrl-u'':​ delete everything to left   * ''​cntrl-u'':​ delete everything to left
   * ''​cntrl-w'':​ delete word to left   * ''​cntrl-w'':​ delete word to left