Where do YOU like to eat?

Flint's BBQ (meat. only.), 6609 Shattuck Ave, at 66th.

Looney's Smokehouse, 2190 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, 94704, 510-649-0628 - great meat, great sauces, great appetizers, nice selection of beer, some vegetarian stuff (but most of it is deep-fried).

Cheeseboard Pizza Collective, 1512 Shattuck Ave, at Vine. Legendary crazy Berkeley collective bakery. Every day a different vegetarian pizza (just one kind).

Sushi Sho, 645 Solano Ave, Albany, 94707 510-525-4551

Temari (sushi), 2215 San Pablo Ave, just south of University Ave. Easy parking, quiet atmosphere, obsequious service, low prices, and the best sushi in town.

Zachary's Chicago Pizza! Yummmmm. Berkeley's legendary Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. Try the spinach & mushroom, their signature pie. No reservations, always crowded, very noisy, cash only, and worth the trip. Or order a pizza for pickup.

Casa Latina 1805 San Pablo, 1.5 blocks north of University Ave. Hole-in-the-wall, closes early, very limited seating, fantastic burritos.

Fellini 1401 University Ave. at Acton. Funky atmosphere, decent Italian food: pasta, pizza, etc. Good vegan options. They also do brunch. Mondays: all bottles of wine $12. Tuesdays: no corkage fee (so buy wine from the Andronico's or liquor store across the street and bring it in.) There are usually good coupons in the Guide to the Good Life in Berkeley books.

Caffe Venezia 1799 University Ave. Good Italian food, casual atmosphere, great wine list.

Monte Cristo Taqueria 1446 University Ave (near Sacramento), Berkeley, 94702, 510-486-0321. Excellent Tex-Mex, every dish there is great, as is the salsa, sangria, and horchata.

Brazil Cafe 2161 University Ave (on the corner of Walnut St., the shack in the parking lot), they also have a new location right around the corner on Shattuck, between University Ave. and Berkeley Ave. Best Tri-Tip in the Bay Area, the sandwiches and rice bowls are amazing, great teriyaki chicken and tuna salad, awesome mango smoothies and the owner, Pedro, can usually be found out front of the shack dancing with customers!