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 +In cities, it's easy to get around with only English. ​ Public transportation is excellent.
 +If you have Bank of America, withdrawals from Deutsche Bank are free.
 +===Munich=== ​
 +Home of ESO, MPA, MPE
 +==Getting around==
 +The UBahn and SBahn are the subway/​streetcars that run around Munich, and you can take a line directly from the airport into the city.  The main square is Marienplatz,​ and the Hauptbahnhof is the main train station. ​ You need coins or an atm card with a gold chip to buy a ticket from a machine; in general, it's easier to buy a one way ticket (Einzelfahrt) or day card (Tageskarte) than a stripe card (you need to know what zones you're traveling through for this). ​ If you're traveling with one or more other people, you can get a partner card, which is cheaper, and you can cover up to 5 people with that ticket. ​ They do periodic checks for tickets, though not regular ones.
 +==Things to do==
 +  *Market near Marienplatz
 +  *Go to the Hofbrauhaus,​ because everyone does.  The Augustiner Brauerei is also not far, and more authentic.
 +  *BMW museum+world. ​ Peutelring stop.  You can also do a factory tour during the week, but you have to sign up ahead of time.
 +  *Olympic park.  Big, nice, and right across from the BMW museum/​world. ​ Sometimes there are festivals; the entire month of July, there'​s an international festival there.
 +  *Deutsches Museum-- Science Museum
 +  *English Garden-- Giant park, with lots and lots of beer gardens. ​ And a standing wave where people surf along the river. ​
 +  *Nymphenburg palace-- lots of small palaces in addition to the big one.  At the edge of the city.
 +  *Andechs Monastery/​brewery-- Outside of the city, at the end of the S5.   A ~1 hour hike up, or you can take a bus.  Excellent view and excellent beer.
 +  *Dachau
 +==Nearby attractions==
 +  *Neuschwanstein Castle-- "​Disney Castle"​
 +  *Innsbruck
 +  *Salzburg
 +Fancy bars/clubs do have dress codes, and may deny entrance (though less likely to do so for tourists); they refused to admit a nerdy-looking German grad at one, even when we tried to get him different clothes. ​ A nice shirt and non-sneakers should be ok for guys.
 +Schwabinger 7 in Muenchner Freiheit (U3/U6) is a favorite dive bar of students; there are a reasonable number of bars in the area.  ​
 +Kultfabrik is a giant clubbing mecca that used to be a large warehouse and is now split into tons of separate clubs and food stands-- next to the Ostbahnhof (east train station).
 +The bars near Marienplatz are more touristy (Australian bar, Irish bar, etc.). ​ There are a bunch of gay bars near Sendliger Tor in the Glockenbachviertel.