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   *Innsbruck   *Innsbruck
   *Salzburg   *Salzburg
 +Fancy bars/clubs do have dress codes, and may deny entrance (though less likely to do so for tourists); they refused to admit a nerdy-looking German grad at one, even when we tried to get him different clothes. ​ A nice shirt and non-sneakers should be ok for guys.
 +Schwabinger 7 in Muenchner Freiheit (U3/U6) is a favorite dive bar of students; there are a reasonable number of bars in the area.  ​
 +Kultfabrik is a giant clubbing mecca that used to be a large warehouse and is now split into tons of separate clubs and food stands-- next to the Ostbahnhof (east train station).
 +The bars near Marienplatz are more touristy (Australian bar, Irish bar, etc.). ​ There are a bunch of gay bars near Sendliger Tor in the Glockenbachviertel.