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 +====== Graduate Student Postdoc Seminar ======
 +==== Location: 544 Campbell Hall ====
 +==== Time: Alternate Tuesdays @ 3:30pm (unless otherwise noted) ====
 +|**12 Sep 2006** |Fall Welcome: Featuring Snacks|
 +|**3 Oct 2006 ** |Jason Wright: //"​Characterizing Exoplanetary Systems: The Search for Solar System Analogs"//​|
 +|**10 Oct 2006 **|Greg Howes: //"​Magnetized Turbulence in Black Hole Accretion Disks"//​|
 +|**24 Oct 2006 **|John Johnson: //"​Measuring the Spin-Orbit Alignment of Exoplanetary Systems"//​|
 +|                |and |
 +|          ​|Bryan Johnson: //"MHD Shearing Box: New Methods and Results"//​|
 +|**7 Nov 2006 ** |Brian Metzger: //"​Protoneutron Star Winds with Magnetic Fields and Rotation: Consequences for Supernova Diversity, Gamma-Ray Bursts,and the Galactic Abundance of Very Heavy Elements"//​|
 +| |and|
 +|       |Dan Kocevski: //"​Understanding The X-ray Properties of Gamma-ray Bursts"//​|
 +|**21 Nov 2006 **|Jesse Leaman: //"The Nearby Supernova Rate"//​|
 +|**28 Nov 2006 **|Stella Offner: Practice Qual //"​Numerical Studies of Low Mass Star Formation"//​|
 +|**5 Dec 2006 **|Aaron Parsons: //"The Precision Array for Probing the Epoch of Reionization (PAPER): System Design, Preliminary Results, and Prospects"//​|
 +| |and|
 +| |Nathan Smith: //"The formation of SN1987A'​s nebula, bipolar ring nebulae around blue supergiants,​ and implications for SN progenitors"//​|