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 +====== Meals with Seminar Speakers ======
 +Please list interest/​commitment regarding lunches and dinners with seminar speakers.
 +===== An Example of How this Might Work =====
 +Please keep this section around for the time being.
 +    * Someone sends an email blast announcing the Cosmology seminar on Tues. March 20 and asking for interest in dinner.
 +    * I am interested in attending this dinner, but not if I'm the only grad student. ​ I come to this wiki page, and create the topic (below) "​Cosmology Seminar Dinner Tues. 3/​20." ​ Under this topic I list my name as "​interested."​
 +    * The next person interested in the dinner comes to this page and sees that there is already a post for this dinner. ​ They add their name to the list, also as "​interested." ​ They then get in touch with me, and together, we sign up for the dinner.
 +    * Once signed up for dinner, we return to this page, update our status from "​interested"​ to "​attending." ​ Any future visitors to this page can then also sign themselves up, knowing what other grad students are attending.
 +    * The students attending have a lovely dinner, meet a big name professor, make a fantastic impression, and are all immediately granted tenure.
 +    * Once the dinner is over, someone returns to clean-up the page, deleting the expired entry.
 +===== Actual Sign-Ups =====