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 +====Money and Currency Exchange====
 +In general, there'​s a 2-3% exchange fee charged when withdrawing money from an ATM or using a credit card.  This is usually better than the rate you'd get at exchange booths.
 +As of writing (October 2011), the Capital One Venture Rewards Card has **no foreign transaction fee**,
 +which could be a big deal, depending on your needs. (It does have an annual fee.) More info on the
 +[[http://​www.nerdwallet.com/​blog/​2011/​nerdwallets-best-rewards-credit-cards/​|NerdWallet list of rewards cards]].
 +In Europe particularly (though this applies to some other countries as well), to use a credit card, you often need a gold chip and/or a pin.  You should be able to call your credit card company to set up a pin if you don't have one.
 +Bank of America is part of the [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Global_ATM_Alliance|Global ATM alliance]]-- you may be able to take money out of select atms without being charged the $5 withdrawal fee.  Bank of America will then charge a $5 international withdrawal fee, themselves, plus any currency exchange fee.