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 +===== UCB Astronomy Theses =====
 +Recent theses are available online via ProQuest, and a smattering of older ones are stored on this website. It doesn'​t seem possible to link directly to ProQuest'​s list of Berkeley Astronomy ones in particular, but there are a few ways to quickly find what you want. As of June 2012, you can search for a thesis by author like this:
 +  * Go to [[http://​search.proquest.com/​|search.proquest.com]]
 +  * Click on "​Advanced Search"​
 +  * In the main search box, enter something like "​au(chornock,​ ryan)" for an author search
 +  * In the "​Source type" box, check only "​Dissertations & Theses"​
 +  * Your desired thesis will almost always be in the first page of results.
 +And you can browse Berkeley astronomy theses like this:
 +  * Go to [[http://​search.proquest.com/​|search.proquest.com]]
 +  * At the top of the page, select "​Browse"​
 +  * Select "​Dissertations and Theses"​
 +  * Select "​Browse by Location"​
 +  * Expand "​United States -- California",​ then "​University of California, Berkeley"​
 +  * View the documents with the "​astronomy"​ or "​astrophysics"​ keywords. (Sadly, the different keywords probe disjoint subsets of the theses, and both of them pull in a lot of physics theses.)
 +  * You probably then want to sort by "​Publication Date (most recent first)"​
 +Below is a **very** incomplete listing of Berkeley theses. The format is indicated in brackets, with "​[PQ]"​ indicating a link to ProQuest. "​(P)"​ after a name denotes a degree received in Physics. "​(AST)"​ after a name denotes a degree received in Applied Science & Technology. Some of the direct file links are quite large, unsurprisingly,​ though others link only to abstracts.
 +=== Fall 2013 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​1526491983|Time-Domain Studies as a Probe of Stellar Evolution]]//​ [PQ] by Adam Andrew Miller
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​1526491386|Numerical Investigations of Star Formation and Interstellar Clouds]]// [PQ] by Andrew Thomas Myers (P)
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​pagepdf/​1526725247|Galactic Winds and Structure of z ∼ 2 Star-forming Galaxies]]//​ [PQ] by Sarah F. Newman
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​1526491370|The Large-scale Structure of the Universe: Probes of Cosmology and Structure Formation]]//​ [PQ] by Yookyung Noh
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​1527177737|From Dust to Dust: Protoplanetary Disk Accretion, Hot Jupiter Climates,
 +and the Evaporation of Rocky Planets]]// [PQ] by Daniel Alonso Perez-Becker (P)
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​1526491715|The Evolution and Stability of Massive Stars]]// [PQ] by Joshua Hajime Shiode
 +=== Spring 2013 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​1441711457|Overcoming the Challenges of 21cm Cosmology]]//​ [PQ] by Jonathan Pober
 +=== Fall 2012 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​1319493655|Molecular Gas in Early-type Galaxies]]//​ [PQ] by Katherine Anne Alatalo
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​1319493675|Galaxies through Cosmic Time: The Role of Molecular and Atomic Gas]]// [PQ] by Amber Nicole Bauermeister
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​1322973316|Millimeter and Near-Infrared Observations of Neptune'​s Atmospheric Dynamics]]//​ [PQ] by Statia Honora Luszcz Cook
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​1319493639|Seeing in the Dark: Weak Lensing from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey]]// [PQ] by Eric Michael Huff
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​1362256296|The Photometric Properties of Nearby Type Ia Supernovae]]//​ [PQ] by Mohan Ganeshalingam
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​1322088431|Black Hole Masses in Nearby Brightest Cluster Galaxies]]//​ [PQ] by Nicholas James McConnell
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​1322973228|Exploring the Dynamic Radio Sky with the Allen Telescope Array]]// [PQ] by Peter Kelsey George Williams
 +=== Spring 2012 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​1081733743|Numerical Models of Galaxy Evolution: Black Hole Feedback and Disk Heating]]// [PQ] by Jackson Eugene DeBuhr (P)
 +=== Fall 2011 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​929076345|Anisotropic Turbulence and Protostellar Feedback in Molecular Clouds]]// [PQ] by Charles Edward Hansen
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​929227929|The Diverse Environments of Gamma-Ray Bursts]]// [PQ] by Daniel Alan Perley
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​929227899|Spectral Observations and Analyses of Low-Redshift Type Ia Supernovae]]//​ [PQ] by Jeffrey Michael Silverman
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​929228185|Snacktime for Hungry Black Holes: Theoretical Studies of the Tidal Disruption of Stars]]// [PQ] by Linda Elisabeth Strubbe
 +=== Fall 2010 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​861483972|The Initial Conditions and Evolution of Open Clusters]]//​ [PQ] by Joseph Mitchell Converse
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​861483938|Mergers and Mass Assembly of Dark Matter Halos in a Λ–Cold Dark Matter Universe]]//​ [PQ] by Onsi Joe Fakhouri
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​861342300|The formation and evolution of giant molecular clouds]]// [PQ] by Nia Imara
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​861927044|A random walk through star and planet formation]]//​ [PQ] by Holly Lynn Maness
 +  ​
 +=== Spring 2010 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​749386604|On the Evolution of Massive Galaxies]]//​ [PQ] by Kristen L. Shapiro
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​749386553|Merging Galaxies and Dark Matter Halos]]// [PQ] by Andrew R. Wetzel
 +=== Fall 2009 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​518784862|Astrophysical Applications of Spectropolarimetry]]//​ [PQ] by Ryan T. Chornock
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​518910051|Neutron-capture elements and planetary companions in the solar neighborhood]]//​ [PQ] by Kathryn Mary Goldston Peek
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​762746222|Investigations of low-mass star formation: Simulations and simulated observations]]//​ [PQ] by Stella Susannah Reber Offner (P)
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​503667106|Low-frequency interferometry:​ Design, calibration,​ and analysis towards detecting the epoch of reionization]]//​ [PQ] by Aaron Robert Parsons
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​506753387|Spitzer Space Telescope observations of dust in the Small Magellanic Cloud]]// [PQ] by Karin Marie Sandstrom
 +=== Spring 2009 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​304847052|Observational constraints on the assembly of galaxies and galaxy clusters]]//​ [PQ] by Julia Marie Comerford
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​304835507|Constraining the coevolution of galaxies and black holes at low mass]]// [PQ] by Louis-Benoit Desroches
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​304836358|Theoretical models of Gamma-Ray Burst central engines]]// [PQ] by Brian David Metzger
 +=== Fall 2008 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​304696614|Vortex flows in Jupiter'​s atmosphere and in protoplanetary disks]]// [PQ] by  Xylar Storm Asay-Davis (AST)
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​304697641|Io'​s surface, atmosphere and volcanism]]//​ [PQ] by Conor Murray Laver
 +=== Spring 2008 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​304696782|Type Ia supernova evolution and dark energy]]// [PQ] by Ryan Joseph Foley
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​jesse.pdf|The Supernova Rate in the Local Universe]]//​ [PDF] by Jesse Frederick Leaman
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​304696728|Consequences of planetary migration: Kuiper belt dynamics and atmospheric escape from hot Jupiters]]//​ [PQ] by Ruth Ann Murray-Clay
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​304696344|High-velocity clouds and the Galactic Arecibo L-band feed array survey in H I]]// [PQ] by Joshua Eli Goldston Peek
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​304696225|Magnetic fields near and far: Galactic and extragalactic single-dish radio observations of the Zeeman effect]]// [PQ] by Timothy Robishaw
 +=== Fall 2007 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​304901985|Revealing planet formation: Technique, observation,​ and analysis]]//​ [PQ] by Michael Patrick Fitzgerald
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​304903145|Large-scale gas kinematics and structure: An analysis of the Milky Way and NGC 6946]]// [PQ] by Evan Scott Levine
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​304900574|Studies of galaxy evolution with redshift surveys]]// [PQ] by Renbin Yan
 +=== Spring 2007 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​304900389|The DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey and the role of environment in galaxy formation and evolution]]//​ [PQ] by Michael Caldwell Cooper
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​304902718|Measuring the gravitational wave background using precision pulsar timing]]// [PQ] by Paul Demorest (P)
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​304902664|Groups and clusters of galaxies in the DEEP2 survey: Significance for cosmic evolution]]//​ [PQ] by Brian Francis Gerke (P)
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​304901039|Planet hunting in new stellar domains]]// [PQ] by John Asher Johnson
 +=== Fall 2006 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​305348084|Mergers of elliptical galaxies and dark matter halos: Implications for galaxy assembly]]//​ [PQ] by Michael Robert Boylan-Kolchin (P)
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​305349674|Molecular gas in dwarf galaxies]]//​ [PQ] by Adam Kirby Leroy
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​305365215|A High Angular Resolution Survey of Circumstellar Dust around Herbig Ae/Be Stars]]// [PQ] by Marshall Dimsey Perrin
 +=== Spring 2006 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​305347866|An ecological case study of low-mass star formation in Taurus]]// [PQ] by Jonathan Jay Swift
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​305363954|Stellar Magnetic Activity and the Detection of Exoplanets]]//​ [PQ] by Jason Thomas Wright
 +=== Fall 2005 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​305033585|Lyman Alpha Emitting Galaxies at High Redshift: Direct Detection of Young Galaxies in a Young Universe]]//​ [PQ] by Steven Arthur Dawson
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​305031965|Computational and Theoretical
 +Investigations of Star Formation]]//​ [PQ] by Mark Reuben Krumholz (P)
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​305033639|Spectral Energy Distributions of
 +Embedded Protostars and Dusty Galaxies]]//​ [PQ] by Sukanya Chakrabarti (P)
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​305031302|The Super Star Cluster Population of the
 +M82 Nuclear Starburst]]//​ [PQ] by Nathan Todd McCrady
 +=== Spring 2005 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​305033208|Dark Matter in dwarf galaxies:
 +Observational tests of the Cold Dark Matter paradigm on small scales]]// [PQ] by Joshua David Simon
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​305032001|Molecular clouds populations across
 +galactic environments]]//​ [PQ] by Erik Rosolowsky
 +=== Fall 2004 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​305212808|A high-mass protobinary in the hot molecular core W3(H2O)]]// [PQ] by Huei-Ru Chen
 +=== Spring 2004 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​search.proquest.com/​docview/​305211122|Theory and numerical simulation of three-dimensional vortices in protoplanetary disks]]// [PQ] by Joseph Andrew Barranco
 +=== Fall 2002 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​cmanning.ps.gz|Low Redshift Lyman Alpha Absorbers
 +in Voids: Their Origin, and their Contribution to Omega_Matter]]//​ [PS.gz] by Curt Manning
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​agilbert.pdf|Infrared Spectroscopy of Massive
 +Stellar Clusters in Starbursts]]//​ [PDF] by Andrea Gilbert
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​jlloyd.ps.gz|The Detection and Characterization of
 +Low Mass Companions to Sunlike Stars]]// [PS.gz] by James P. Lloyd
 +=== Fall 2002 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​cnelson.pdf|What and Where Are the MACHO Microlenses?​]]//​ [PDF] by Cailin Nelson (P)
 +=== Fall 2001 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​lommen.ps.gz|Precision Multi-Telescope Timing of
 +Millisecond Pulsars]]// [PS.gz] by Andrea Lommen
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​jtan.ps.gz|Star Formation from the Galaxy to the
 +Cosmos]]// [PS.gz] by Jonathan Tan
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​hroe.pdf|Titan'​s Atmosphere at High-Resolution]]//​ [PDF] by Henry Roe
 +=== Spring 2001 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​scannapieco.ps.gz|The Role of Heating and
 +Enrichment in Structure Formation]]//​ [PS.gz] by Evan Scannapieco (P)
 +=== Fall 2000 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​leonard.ps.gz|The Geometry and Cosmological Utility
 +of Core-Collapse Supernovae]]//​ [PS.gz] by Doug Leonard
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​mliu.ps.gz|Distances and Stellar Populations of
 +Elliptical Galaxies]]//​ [PS.gz] by Michael Liu (P)
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​cumming.ps.gz|Non-Radial Oscillations of Accreting
 +Neutron Stars and Rotational Evolution During Type I X-Ray Bursts]]// [PS.gz] by Andrew Cumming (P)
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​tonywong.pdf|Radial Gas Flows and Star Formation in
 +Spiral Galaxies]]//​ [PDF] by Tony H. Wong
 +=== Spring 2000 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​jnewman.ps.gz|Observational Cosmology from z=0.001 to
 +z ~ 1]]// [PS.gz] by Jeffrey Newman
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​ebaltz.ps.gz|Signatures of Dark Matter]]// [PS.gz] by Edward Baltz
 +=== Fall 1999 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​sokoloski.ps.gz|Magnetism and Rapid Photometric
 +Variability in Symbiotic Binary Stars]]// [PS.gz] by Jennifer Sokoloski (P)
 +=== Spring 1999 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​frye.txt|Faint Galaxy Redshift Survey behind Massive ​
 +Clusters]]//​ [TXT] by Brenda Frye
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​finkbeiner.ps.gz|Interstellar Dust as a Cosmological Foreground]]//​ [PS.gz] by Douglas P. Finkbeiner (P)
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​gawiser.ps.gz|Big Bang Leftovers in the Microwave:
 +Cosmology with the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation]]//​ [PS.gz] by Eric Gawiser (P)
 +=== Spring 1998 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​sallmen.ps.gz|Millisecond Pulsars: Decoding Magnetospheres]]//​ [PS.gz] by Shauna M. Sallmen
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​barth.ps|New Views of LINERs: Ultraviolet Properties
 +and Optical Spectropolarimetry]]//​ [PS] by Aaron J. Barth
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​shang.ps|Protostellar Winds, Jets, and Chondritic ​
 +Meteorites]]//​ [PS] by Hsien Shang
 +=== Fall 1997 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​bower.ps|High Frequency Very Long Baseline Interferometry
 +Observations of Active Galactic Nuclei]]// [PS] by Geoffrey C. Bower
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​yu.ps|Millimeter Observations of Low Mass Star Formation
 +in Rho Ophiuchus A and B1]]// [PS] by Theodore T. Yu
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​levenson.ps|The Ecology of the Cygnus Loop in 
 +Multi-Wavelength Observations]]//​ [PS] by Nancy A. Levenson
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​anderson.ps|Mass Segregation in Globular Clusters M92,
 +47 Tucanae, and Omega Centauri]]//​ [PS] by Albert J. Anderson
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​wilkin.ps|Models of Interacting Stellar Winds]]// [PS] by Francis P. Wilkin
 +=== Spring 1997 ===
 +  * //​[[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​badgrads/​theses/​sosin.ps|Hubble Space Telescope Observations of
 +Globular Clusters with Central Density Cusps]]// [PS] by Craig A. Sosin (P)