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 ===Entertainment=== ===Entertainment===
-==Tuesday ​Tea (and other stuff)==+==Colloquium ​Tea (and other stuff (maybe?))==
-Obtain //​itemized//​ receipts for whatever you purchase to serve at Tuesday ​Tea.  (For the fall 2006 semester ​the weekly ​Tuesday Tea budget is $16.)  Fill out the Entertainment Reimbursement Request ​form found in the mail roomincluding a list of the department members in attendence. ​ Tape the receipts to an 8½" x 11" sheet of paper and attach it to the form ​Make ​copy for yourself before submitting ​the papers to Bora in 601 //​This procedure works for most department-approved social events, including prospective student lunches.//+Obtain //​itemized//​ receipts for whatever you purchase to serve at Colloquium ​Tea.  (In spring 2019 the weekly ​cost was $80-100.) Contact Nina Ruymaker [nina@berkeley.edu,​ 501C] to obtain a reimbursement ​form, and bring/​email ​the receiptColloquium tea is grad student job (for now), and is usually handled by one of the second years.
-==Thursday Tea== 
-See the graduate student whose [[student_jobs#​talks_&​_teas|job]] it is to reimburse you.