Sierra Conference 2014


Friday, 29 Aug - Monday, 1 Sept



Hiking and Mountain Biking in Los Padres National Forest MTB 1

Ocean/beach exploring and sightseeing along Big Sur Coastline and HWY 1 (~40 minute drive to the beach)

Andrew Molera and Julia Pfeiffer Burns state parks

Historic Mission tour


Stay at Prewitt Ridge

Suggested Packing List


Some of us have gear that you can borrow, if you don't own your own! Get in touch with Isaac if you need something.

  • 1 each:
    • jeans/pants
    • shorts
    • Good walking shoes / hiking boots
    • jacket
    • Stocking cap & gloves (if you are easily chilled)
  • 1 per day:
    • underwear, good socks
    • shirts
Sleeping gear
  • a spot in a tent
  • sleeping pad
  • sleeping bag
Other gear
  • Water bottle or 2 (at least 1 liter total volume)
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • small backpack or fanny pack
  • small / light towel
  • set of eating utensils
  • non-breakable cup & plate or bowl
    • a tupperware container is a cheap & simple solution
  • Bug spray (Not always necessary in California, but sometimes very nice)
  • Binoculars / telescopes for stargazing
  • Mountain bike
  • Pocket knife
  • cards / games / frisbee
  • throwing hatchet!
  • beach blanket (note: our campsite is a ways from the coast, but a day trip there is reasonable, and we will drive along the coast on the way there/back)
Group gear

If you have group gear (cooking utensils, stove, coffee maker) that you'd like to bring to share, let Isaac know and we can coordinate so we have everything we need without too much duplication!


Isaac Shivvers (