Skills Listing

The purpose of this page is to list skills and experience that you are willing to share with others in the department. If you want to add yourself, please insert your section alphabetically by last name.

Katherine de Kleer

  • The Solar System
  • Near-IR/AO photometric and spectroscopic observations and data reduction, esp. these telescopes/instruments: Gemini/NIRI, Keck/NIRC2, Keck/OSIRIS, Keck/NIRSPEC, IRTF/SpeX, IRTF/NSFCAM2
  • Basic CARMA/Miriad knowledge - Observations and Data Reduction (non-polarized, spectral line)
  • Writing observing proposals
  • Interactive education and curriculum design at the middle/high school level

Francesca Fornasini

  • Analyzing X-ray data, especially from Chandra
  • Statistical techniques for small numbers and large surveys
  • Observing in the near-IR
  • IDL
  • Galactic X-ray populations and AGNs

Chat Hull

  • Observing with CARMA
  • Reducing CARMA data
  • Reducing polarization data
  • 1mm polarization hardware and calibration
  • Python
  • Star formation, Class 0s

James McBride

  • Arecibo: L-band observations and data reduction
  • CARMA: 3mm spectral line observations and data reduction (sort of)
  • MIRIAD (sort of)
  • Python: numpy, scipy, matplotlib, Tkinter (a bit)
  • IDL
  • Web misc: css, javascript (a bit)
  • Masers
  • Luminous infrared galaxies

Jonnie Pober

  • Python: numpy, matplotlib, aipy
  • Cluster batch scheduling (e.g. qsub)
  • Reducing PAPER data
  • Inteferometry
  • Reionization
  • Baryon Acoustic Oscillations
  • Cosmological Fourier analysis (e.g. power spectra)

Casey Stark

  • Lyman-alpha Forest
  • Cosmological simulation
  • N-body methods and some hydrodynamic schemes
  • Working on NERSC machines
  • Python: numpy, matplotlib, sympy, C extensions, f2py, ctypes, distutils, nose, virtualenv
  • C
  • Fortran90
  • HDF5
  • yt
  • Visit
  • Web misc: html5, css, javascript, couchdb

Kartik Kumar

  • 3-body problem.
  • General orbital dynamics.
  • Programming/scripting languages: C/C++, Fortran 90/95, Java (basic), MATLAB, Python (basic), SQLite, LaTeX.
  • Mission analysis and trajectory design.
  • Systems engineering.
  • Project management tools: Redmine, Subversion, Git.