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 +====== DEIMOS ======
 +[[http://​alamoana.keck.hawaii.edu/​inst/​deimos/​|DEIMOS]] is the DEep Imaging Multi-Object Spectrograph,​ which resides on the Nasmyth mount on Keck II. 
 +There is a quasi-general data reduction pipeline for DEIMOS data. It was largely written by the DEEP2 group at Berkeley. Michael Cooper and Jeff Newman are good folks to pester regarding the details of the pipeline. Prior to pestering either of them, however, refer to the [[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​~cooper/​deep/​spec2d/​|pipeline website]] for answers to common questions. Note that the DEEP2/​DEIMOS pipeline only reduces spectroscopic observations with DEIMOS. If for some crazy reason you took data with DEIMOS in imaging mode, then you need to look eslewhere for your reduction needs.
 +===== Long Slit Reductions =====
 +There are probably a zillion ways to do long slit reductions. ​ However, one way is to use the DEEP pipeline for many tasks and then supplement that with some IRAF and custom IDL programs. ​ This method is
 +  - Run ''​deimos_mask_calibrate''​ on your different long slit setups.
 +  - Run ''​deimos_reducelongslit''​ for each object.
 +  - Extract the objects in IRAF using ''​apall''​.
 +  - Extract the variance spectra referencing the objects.
 +  - Take the arcs out of the calibration files with ''​deimos_getarc''​.
 +  - Extract the arcs referencing your standard stars.
 +  - Use ''​identify''​ to get your wavelength solution and ''​dispcor''​ to push that solution to the objects.
 +  - Run the Flipper group IDL routines (''​calibrate'',​ ''​mkfluxstar'',​ ''​mkbstar'',​ ''​final''​)