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 +====== OSIRIS ======
 +[[http://​www.astro.ucla.edu/​~irlab/​osiris/​observing/​index.html|OSIRIS]] is the new integral field spectrograph for AO at Keck. 
 +There is a data reduction pipeline for OSIRIS data made available by UCLA. It's still a work in progress, however, and has a semi-steep learning curve and basically zero documentation right now.  ​
 +The two most experienced OSIRIS observers at Berkeley right now are Conor Laver and Marshall Perrin. Ask one of us and we can show you how to obtain and use the OSIRIS pipeline from UCLA.
 + --- //​[[mperrin|Marshall Perrin]] 2006/05/16 11:20//
 +**Update:** Marshall and Conor are still here in spirit, but rarely in person. ​ Two of the most experienced OSIRIS users still at Berkeley are Nicholas McConnell and Mate Adamkovics.
 + --- //​[[student_directory#​nicholas_mcconnell|Nicholas McConnell]]//​ 2009/01/13
 +Here are some notes on what [[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​~mperrin/​OSIRISnotes.html|Marshall]] and [[http://​astro.berkeley.edu/​~conor/​osiris/​osirisreduction.html|Conor]] have done recently. --- Conor