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 +  * Bike
 +     * There are multiple schools of thought on where one should go to get a bike:  go with a local, co-op, smaller-selection option ([[http://​www.missinglink.org/​|The Missing Link]]), get a used bike (many, but try [[http://​www.insiderpages.com/​b/​3710874412|The Bent Spoke]], and maybe avoid the shady [[http://​www.shopinberkeley.com/​k/​karimcycle/​index.php|Karim Cycle]]), or a try more traditional bike store ([[http://​mikesbikes.com/​index.cfm|Mike'​s Bikes]], [[http://​www.rei.com/​stores/​berkeley/​|REI]],​ [[http://​www.solanoavenuecyclery.com|Solano Ave Cyclery]], or [[http://​www.performancebike.com/​inform/​store_profile.cfm?​Store_ID=102|Performance Bike]]). [[http://​www.hankandfrankbicycles.com|Hank and Frank]] has the added bonus that they will service your bike for life for free, if you are willing to trek to north Oakland.
 +     * [[bike_advice|General advice]] for biking safely and avoiding bike theft.
 +     * [[http://​pt.berkeley.edu/​around/​bike|License]] your bike on campus
 +     * Here are some excellent [[http://​www.ebbc.org/?​q=maps/​map.html|maps]] of bike routes in the East Bay.
 +  * [[http://​www.bart.gov/​index.asp|BART]] around the Bay Area
 +  * [[http://​pt.berkeley.edu/​transportation_alternatives/​beartransit/​index.html|Bear Transit]] close to campus
 +  * [[http://​www.actransit.org|AC Transit]] -- get a [[http://​pt.berkeley.edu/​transportation_alternatives/​classpass/​index.html|Class Pass]] to ride for free; if you don't want to wait in the ginormous line in Sproul you can get one [[https://​classpass.berkeley.edu/​tripstu/​secure/​trip_stu_menu|mailed to your home]]