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AY 375 - Fall 2016: Eighth Day Lesson Plan

Section Recap (20 minutes)

(10 minutes) In groups, share from your midsemester evaluations:

  • One consistent comment
  • One amusing comment
  • One thing you agree or disagree with

If you have not yet administered your evaluations:

  • One thing you are particularly interested in learning about from your eval
  • One thing you expect that your students will say

If you are not teaching this semester:

  • Share one of the questions you wrote on your eval

(10 minutes) As a class:

  • What were some things you learned from your midsemester evaluations?
  • Were there any comments that stood out? Was anything surprising?
  • How were sections this week?

Faculty Visits (40 minutes)

Professors visiting at 7pm:

  • Eliot Quataert
  • Jessica Lu
  • Eugene Chiang

Some prompts given in advance:

  • What class are you currently teaching? Have you taught it in the past? What other courses have you taught?
  • For the course you’re currently teaching, what are your learning objectives and goals? How would you complete the sentence “At the end of the semester, I want my students to .” ?
  • How do you assess (in lecture, with the GSIs in discussion section, on the exams) whether these goals are being met?
  • If you have taught both non-major courses and major courses, how does preparing for those courses compare? How do your learning objectives for them differ?
  • What is your lecture style like? Do you employ active learning strategies (think-pair-share, etc.) in your lectures?
  • In your teaching experience, what strategies have you found to be effective? Not effective? (e.g., different lecture styles, type of homework problems, projects vs. exams, etc.)
  • What do you like best about teaching?

Break (5 minutes)

Ethics (45 minutes)

(5 minutes) Explanation of activity.

(10 minutes) Group preparation.

(30 minutes) Six scenarios (5 minutes each).


  1. Section video-taping is happening this week. We will send you a link to your section video by the end of the week. Watch it, and complete the Section Video Recap Worksheet (due 10/12, next week!).
  2. Read papers:
  3. Bring your lesson plan notebooks to 375 next week.