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AY 300 - Fall 2017: Second Day Lesson Plan

Introductions (5 min)

  • Write schedule on board
  • Recap what the homework was

Section Recap (10 min)

  • For those of you who taught today, how did it go?

Board Work Activity (40 min)

  • Individual sample board work practice, using these questions
  • Discussion: What did people do well?
    • Don't erase too soon
    • Write from left to right
    • Write large and legibly
    • Labels and titles
    • Use lots of colors
    • Don't talk to the board
    • Explain what you write
    • What you write will be copied verbatim and should be interpretable by someone who wasn't in the class

BREAK (5 min)

Lesson Plan and Syllabus Exchange (25 min)

  • (15 mins) Trade your lesson plan and syllabus with at least two people for feedback
  • (10 mins) Discussion:
    • What did you see that you liked or want to borrow?
    • Reminder of first day skeleton plan

Logistics (25 min)

  • When/where people and teaching section / holding office hours for the wiki
  • Pre-first class logistics
    • Buy white board markers and notecards (there may be notecards you can get from the department)
    • Get a copy of a textbook
    • Get a copy code to make handouts
    • Make sure you've met with your instructor and set expectations
    • Schedule office hours and where they should be held (you need to reserve a room)
    • Get access to section / office hour room
    • Is your class using bcourses? Do you have access? Familiarize yourself
    • Badgrads account to access to EBRB
  • Any last minute questions?

Assignment #2: assigned 8/23

1. Keep a lesson plan notebook throughout the semester. You should be writing out your lesson plan prior to section each week, including specific learning objectives and time estimations. After you teach, jot down some notes/reflections on your lesson plan of what worked well and what didn't - these are useful to have if you teach the same class again in the future!

2. Read this article.

3. Have great first sections!