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Graduate Student Postdoc Seminar

Location:​ 131A Campbell Hall!!!
(I was able to reserve the room for that slot with a repeating reservation,​ all year long.)

Time: Fridays @ 4:00pm

Charles Goullaud (


Description / Motivation

* GSPS is a place where students and postdocs can practice giving talks. The topics of these talks can be anything from their own research (either completed or commencing),​ career advancement and advice (usually from postdocs), pedagogy talks, practice qualification exam talks, job talks, etc.	 
* GSPS meets weekly; we aim to have one graduate student and one postdoc talk each week.	 
* Talks should be no longer than 15 minutes (strictly enforced).	 
* Please emphasize background material for those not in your subfield.	 
* No faculty allowed.	 
* GSPS is a good place to...	 
  * promote community between students and postdocs	 
  * practice speaking and discussing your research	 
  * feel comfortable asking lots of questions	 
  * learn about topics outside your own research	 
  * impart practical knowledge: job search, telescope allocation committees, diversity, etc.	 
  * be sociable!	 
* If you would like feedback on your presentation,​ the organizers would be happy to take notes and discuss it with you afterwards (and/or ask other audience members to do so).	 

Thanks for participating in GSPS!