Graduate Student Postdoc Seminar

Location: 544 Campbell Hall

Time: Fridays @ 4:00pm

Description / Motivation:

  • GSPS meets weekly; each hour features a talk by one grad student and one postdoc on their own research.
  • Talks should be ~20 minutes + 5 minutes for questions.
  • Speakers can present work that is fully complete all the way through work in just the beginning stages.
  • Please emphasize background material.
  • (Practice qual talks / job talks are fine to present.)
  • No faculty allowed.
  • GSPS is a good place to…
    • promote community between students and postdocs
    • practice speaking and discussing your research
    • feel comfortable asking lots of questions
    • learn about topics outside your own research
  • If you would like feedback on your presentation, the organizers would be happy to take notes and discuss it with you afterwards (and/or ask other audience members to do so).

Organizers: Linda Strubbe & Eric Huff (please contact us if you have questions)

Thanks for participating in GSPS!

11 Sep 2009 postdoc: Phil Hopkins: “What do galaxies have in common with me after 5 drinks?”
postdoc: Dovi Poznanski: “Everything you wanted to know about PTF and never dared to ask”
18 Sep 2009 grad: Therese Jones: “Mg II Absorption as a Probe of the IGM”
postdoc: Kevin Bundy: “Red Disk Prohibition: The end of Drunken Galaxy Mergers”
25 Sep 2009 grad: Dan Perley: “The origins and environments of dark gamma-ray bursts”
postdoc: Jeff Oishi: “Sandpiles on the Merry-go-round: the vortex hypothesis in the early stages of planet formation”
2 Oct 2009 grad: Yookyung Noh: Reconstructing Baryon Oscillations“
postdoc: Genevieve Graves: “Rapid Carbon Enrichment During High-z Galaxy Formation”
9 Oct 2009 grad: Renske Smit: “Binary, Interrupted”
postdoc: Brad Cenko: “Gamma-Ray Burst Energetics”
16 Oct 2009 grad: Jonnie Pober: “Observations with the Highly Redshifted 21cm Line”
postdoc: Mate Adamkovics: “More, New, Different Clouds on Titan”
23 Oct 2009 grad: Josh Shiode
postdoc: Mike Kuhlen
30 Oct 2009 grad: Adam Miller
postdoc: Nathan Smith
6 Nov 2009 grad: Adam Miller
postdoc: Bethany Cobb
13 Nov 2009 grad: Chris Klein
postdoc: Matt McQuinn
20 Nov 2009 grad: Sarah Newman
postdoc: Alexie Leauthaud
4 Dec 2009 grad: Chat Hull: “Primary Beam Shape Calibration from Mosaicked Observations”
postdoc: Ian Parrish: “Everything you ever wanted to know about the cooling flow problem in galaxy clusters”
11 Dec 2009 grad: Eric Huff: (practice qual)