Fall 2012

Organizers: Nathan Roth and Aaron Lee

Survey results: gspssurvey2012.pdf


Date Student Talk Title Postdoc Talk Title
24 Aug, 2012 Chris Klein Qual Talk: Studies of RR Lyrae Variables to Improve Local Distance Measurements
31 Aug, 2012 Jonnie Pober Job Talk: Recent Results from the Precision Array for Probing the Epoch of Reionization [PAPER] None
7 Sept, 2012 Daniel Perez-Becker Qual Talk: Atmospheres of Short-Period Exoplanets: From Sub-Mercuries to Hot Jupiters
14 Sept, 2012 Lauren Weiss (15 min) Testing Hot Jupiter Inflation in a Kepler Multi-Planet System Grad: Adam Miller How to Find the Rare Sources All New Surveys Promise: Machine-learning Enabled Classification and Discovery in Time-Domain Data Sets
21 Sept, 2012 Graduate Student / Post-Doc Forum
28 Sept, 2012 Eve Lee Milky Way Star Forming Complexes and ISM Turbulence Meredith Hughes Proposal Writing from the Other Side (or, what I learned by being on three TACs last year)
5 Oct, 2012 Sedona Price Dust extinction in star forming galaxies at z~1.5 Short Talks: Sedona and Francesca Faculty Meeting: The Exit Talks , Bay Area Science Festival
12 Oct, 2012 James McBride Magnetic Fields and Molecular Gas in Starburst Galaxies Brad Cenko The Present and Future of Lick Observatory
19 Oct, 2012 Isaac Shivvers Highly-eccentric eclipsing binaries in modern photometric surveys Adrian Liu How measurable is the high-redshift 21cm global signal trough?
26 Oct, 2012 Erik Petigura The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: History and Current Efforts Outsider: Gabriel Dunn Science Careers Outside of Academia
2 Nov, 2012 Chat Hull Premature Job Talk: Are magnetic fields and outflows aligned in protostellar cores?
9 Nov, 2012 Jacob Lynn Dissipation and Heating in MHD Turbulence
16 Nov, 2012 Yookyung Noh Filamentary Environment and Mass Measurements of Galaxy Clusters
23 Nov, 2012 No meeting (Thanksgiving)
30 Nov, 2012 Graduate Student / Post-Doc Forum
7 Dec, 2012 Kaylan Burleigh Mapping the Serpens molecular cloud in CO J=2-1 and 13CO J=2-1 emission - -