Fall 2013

Organizers: Nathan Roth and Lauren Weiss

Date Student Talk Title Postdoc Talk Title
13 Sept, 2013 Various Outreach opportunities Various Outreach opportunities
20 Sept, 2013 Mike McCourt Do galaxy clusters boil? Jason Dexter Imaging Black Holes with the Event Horizon Telescope
27 Sept, 2013 Various APR Forum Various APR forum
4 Oct, 2013 Kaylan Burleigh Measuring protostellar properties Freeke van de Voort Supermassive black holes outliers in cosmological simulations
11 Oct, 2013 Isaac Shivvers SN 2011dh: A Case Study in SN Geriatrics Tushar Mittal (grad) Debris Disks and Evolution of Planetary Systems: An Observational Perspective from Spitzer
18 Oct, 2013 Sedona Price Direct measurement of dust attenuation in z~1.5 star-forming galaxies from 3D-HST Melissa Graham Supernovae in galaxy clusters
25 Oct, 2013 x x Ann-Marie Madigan The serendipitous discovery of a new gravitational instability in a Kepler Potential
1 Nov, 2013 Lauren Weiss An Updated Mass-Radius Relation for 59 Exoplanets Smaller than 4 Earth Radii Adrian Liu Next steps in 21cm cosmology
15 Nov, 2013 x x Alex H. Paker Scientific visualization principles
22 Nov, 2013 Jason Wang Dynamical Tracer in Jupiter: Ortho- and Parahydrogen Davide Martizzi Baryonic effect on the mass distribution in galaxy clusters
6 Dec, 2013 Karto Keating Practice Qual x x