Fall 2015 Schedule

Date Slot 1 Slot 2
4 Sep Isaac Shivvers: GSPS discussion and department community night
11 Sep 1 minute colloquium!
18 Sep Sedona Price: Practice Qual
25 Sep Eve Lee: Practice Qual
2 Oct Nick Kern: Galaxy Cluster Mass Estimation Jeffrey Fung : GPU Computing
9 Oct Town Hall meeting
16 Oct Abigail Polin: SWPS discussion on gender/diversity in the sciences Adrian Liu (TBA)
23 Oct Daniel Lecoanet (TBA) Isaac Shivvers: Interactive presentations (TBA)
30 Oct Melanie Veale: Automated Table Color-Coding Funtime N Stuff Tom Esposito: Planet/disk imaging
6 Nov Wren Suess (TBA) Francois Foucart (TBA)
13 Nov Jason Wang (TBA) Marie Ygouf from STScI
20 Nov Aaron Lee (TBA) Josh Dillon (TBA)
4 Dec Dyas Utomo (something cool TBA) Philipp Moesta (TBA)
11 Dec Kaylan Burleigh (TBA) Nipanjana Patra (TBA)