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UC Berkeley Ph.D.s in Astronomy and Astrophysics

This list is incomplete. Please help flesh it out. Below are the entries which have been added since August '06. At the bottom of the page is a link to a list that was comprehensive in 1998, but so badly out of date now that it has been moved to another page. Some of the entries on that page can be copied into the table below. Others need updating.

If you have information to add here but don't have a BadGrads account, please contact with your suggested changes. (We know this is inconvenient. This page used to be editable by anyone, but spam bots found it and started abusing it, alas.)

Berkeley Astronomy Alumni

Name PhD Year Adviser Dept. Current Institution Current Title/Role Last update
Hull, Chat '14 Plambeck AY CfA-Harvard Jansky Fellow Oct 14
George, Matt '14 Schlegel AY Square ? Oct 14
Klein, Chris '14 Bloom AY Apple Inc. ? Oct 14
Morgan, Adam '14 Bloom AY ? ? Oct 14
Miller, Adam '13 Bloom AY JPL Hubble Fellow Apr '14
Newman, Sarah '13 Genzel AY ? ? Apr '14
Noh, Yookyung '13 Cohn AY ? ? Apr '14
Perez-Becker, Daniel '13 Chiang PH Insight Data Science –> Postdoc –> Software Engineer May '14
Pober, Jonathan '13 Parsons AY University of Washington NSF Postdoctoral Fellow Apr '14
Shiode, Joshua '12 Quataert AY American Astronomical Society Bahcall Public Policy Fellow Feb '14
Alatalo, Katey '12 Heiles AY Carnegie Observatories Hubble Fellow Jun '15
Bauermeister, Amber '12 Blitz AY Northrop Grumman Corporation Communications Systems Engineer Nov '13
Ganeshalingam, Mo '12 Filippenko AY LBL Energy Analysis staff Feb '13
Huff, Eric '12 Seljak AY CCAPP at Ohio State Postdoc Feb '13
Luszcz Cook, Statia '12 de Pater AY AMNH Postdoc May '12
McConnell, Nicholas '12 Graham/Ma AY Hawaii IfA Parrent Fellow May '12
Siemion, Andrew '12 Werthimer AY Berkeley Postdoc May '12
Williams, Peter '12 Bower AY Harvard CfA Postdoc May '12
Hansen, Charles '11 McKee / Klein AY Pivotal Labs, San Francisco Software Engineer Nov '13
Perley, Daniel '11 Bloom AY Caltech Hubble Fellow May '11
Silverman, Jeffrey '11 Filippenko AY UT Austin NSF Postdoctoral Fellow Apr '14
Strubbe, Linda '11 Quataert AY University of British Columbia postdoc (science education & teaching) Aug '15
Fakhouri, Onsi '10 Ma AY Pivotal Labs, San Francisco Software Engineer Feb '13
Converse, Joseph '10 Stahler AY University of Toledo Postdoc Feb '13
Imara, Nia '10 Blitz AY CfA-Harvard Postdoc Jun '15
Maness, Holly '10 Graham AY Earth & Planetary Sciences, UC Berkeley NSF SEES Fellow Aug '14
Shapiro, Kristen '10 Genzel AY Northrup Grumman Corporation Systems Engineer Oct '10
Wetzel, Andrew '10 White AY Yale Postdoc Oct '10
Chornock, Ryan '09 Filippenko AY Ohio University Assistant Professor Apr '10
Comerford, Julie '09 Davis AY U. Colorado, Boulder Assistant Professor Nov '13
Desroches, Louis-Benoit '09 Quataert (?) AY LBL Energy Analysis staff Oct '10
Laver, Conor '09 de Pater AY Bright Power Inc., NY Vice President Nov '13
Metzger, Brian '09 Quataert PH Columbia Asst. Prof. Jan '13
Offner, Stella '09 McKee PH U. Mass. Amherst Assistant Professor May '14
Peek, Kathryn '09 Marcy AY Popular Science Magazine Designer of information graphics May '14
Sandstrom, Karin '09 Bolatto AY University of Arizona Bart J. Bok Postdoctoral Fellow Oct '14
Foley, Ryan '08 Filippenko AY University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Asst. Prof. Nov '13
Murray-Clay, Ruth '08 Chiang AY UCSB Assistant Professor Aug '15
Peek, Joshua '08 Heiles AY STScI Assistant Astronomer (tenure track) Aug '15
Robishaw, Tim '08 Heiles AY Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory Staff Astronomer Aug '15
Levine, Evan '07 Blitz AY Department of Homeland Security Risk analyst Oct '10
Cooper, Michael '07 Davis AY UC Irvine Asst. Prof Aug '14
Gerke, Brian '07 Davis PH LBL Staff Scientist May '14
Yan, Renbin '07 Davis AY University of Kentucky Assistant Professor May '14
Johnson, John '07 Marcy AY Harvard Professor (tenured) Aug '13
Fitzgerald, Mike '07 Graham & Marcy AY UCLA Asst. Prof, Phys & Astro (tenured) Aug '15
Kregenow, Julia '07 Heiles & Edelstein AY Penn State Non-tenure-track faculty May '09
Leroy, Adam '06 Blitz AY NRAO Staff scientist Oct '10
Perrin, Marshall '06 Graham AY STScI Associate Astronomer, JWST Telescope Optics Group Aug '14
Boylan-Kolchin, Mike '06 Ma PH UC Irvine CGE Fellow Oct '10
Wright, Jason '06 Marcy AY Penn State Associate Professor (tenured) Aug '15
Swift, Jon '06 Welch AY Hawaii Postdoc Aug '06
Dawson, Steve '05 Spinrad AY Industry Feb '07
McCrady, Nate '05 Graham AY U. Montana Assoc. Prof. Aug '14
Rosolowsky, Erik '05 Blitz AY University of Alberta Assistant Professor Aug '15
Chakrabarti, Sukanya '05 McKee PH Rochester Institute of Technology Faculty Aug '09
Simon, Josh '05 Blitz AY Carnegie Observatories Staff scientist Oct '10
Krumholz, Mark '05 McKee PH UC Santa Cruz → Australian National University tenure-track Aug '15
Coil, Alison '04 Davis AY UCSD Asst. Prof. Oct '08
Barranco, Joseph '04 Marcus AY San Francisco State U. tenure-track June '07
Chen, Vivien '04 Welch AY National Tsing Hua University July '08
Gilbert, Andrea '02 Graham AY Aerospace Corporation Research scientist Sept '09
Lloyd, James '02 Graham AY Cornell Associate Professor (tenured) Aug '06
Spitkovsky, Anatoly '02 Arons PH Princeton Associate Professor (tenured), Astrophysical Sciences April '07
Webster, Zodiac '02 Welch AY Columbus State U Assoc. Prof. of Physics April '10
Roe, Henry '01 de Pater AY Lowell Obs. tenure-track Aug '06
Liu, Michael '00 Graham PH IfA Prof. Aug '06
Newman, Jeffrey '00 Davis AY U. Pittsburgh tenure-track May '08
Matheson, Tom '00 Filippenko AY NOAO tenure-track Aug '06
Leonard, Doug '00 Filippenko AY San Diego State U tenure-track Aug '06
Wong, Tony '00 Blitz AY U Illinois Asst. Prof. Nov '08
Finkbeiner, Douglas '99 Davis PH Harvard Assoc. Prof. (tenure-track) May '11
Stern, Dan '99 Spinrad AY JPL staff research scientist Apr '07
Barth, Aaron '98 Filippenko AY UC Irvine tenure-track Aug '06
Moustakas, Lexi '98 Davis AY JPL staff research scientist Aug '06
Sallmen, Shauna '98 Backer AY UWisc-La Crosse tenure-track Jan '07
Bower, Geoff '97 Backer AY UC Berkeley tenure-track Aug '06
Korpela, Eric '97 Bowyer AY SSL Research Scientist Jul '07
Levenson, Nancy '97 Graham AY Gemini Observatory Deputy Director & Head of Science Aug '09
Gonzalez, Rosa '96 Graham AY Centro de Radioastronom ́ıa y Astrof ́ısica, UNAM, Campus Morelia, Michoac ́an, M ́exico, C.P. 58089 Faculty Aug '14
Holzapfel, W.L. '96 Lange PH UC Berkeley Prof., Physics Feb '07
Richter, Matt '95 Graham AY UC Davis Research physicist Aug '06
Schlegel, David '95 Davis AY LBL permanent position Aug '06
Johnstone, Doug '95 Shu AY U. Victoria/HIA tenure Sep '06
Ho, Luis '95 Filippenko AY Carnegie Permanent position Aug '06
Najita, Joan '94 Shu AY NOAO tenure Aug '06
Dey, Arjun '94 Spinrad AY NOAO tenure Aug '06
Brown, Michael '94 Spinrad / DePater AY Caltech Prof. of Planetary Sciences Feb '07
Tegmark, Max '94 Silk PH MIT Prof. Aug '06
Valenti, Jeff '94 Basri AY STScI tenure Aug '09
Williams, Jonathan P. '94 Blitz/Welch AY IfA tenure Aug '06
Devlin, M.J. '93 Lange PH UPA Physics prof, expt. astrophys Feb '07
Dickinson, Mark '93 Spinrad AY NOAO tenure-track Aug '06
McCullough, Peter '93 Heiles AY STScI staff position Aug '06
Meixner, Margaret '93 Welch AY STScI tenure Aug '06
Tafala, Mario '93 Welch AY Obs. Astro. Nacional (Spain) staff Aug '06
Wilner, David '93 Welch AY CfA Permanent staff Aug '06
Edelstein, Jerry '92 Bowyer AY SSL Research scientist Jul '07
Alsop, D.C. '91 Lange PH Harvard Assoc. Prof, medical physics Feb '07
Shields, Joe '91 Filippenko AY Ohio U. Prof., Physics & Astronomy Jun '07
Bernstein, G. '89 Richards PH U. Penn Prof., Physics Feb '07
Goldhaber, D. '88 Townes(Betz) PH GE Healthcare Mar '07
Zmuidzinas, J. '87 McKee(Betz) PH CalTech Professor of Physics Feb '07
Djorgovski, S. '85 Davis AY CalTech Professor of Astronomy Feb '07
Jakobsen, Peter '83 Bowyer AY ESA JWST Project Scientist Dec '08
Kahn, S. '80 Bowyer PH Stanford Physics Prof. Feb '07
Goldsmith, P. '75 Townes PH JPL Feb '07
Geballe, Tom '74 Townes PH Gemini staff astronomer Aug '06
Cudaback, David D. '62 Weaver AY UC Berkeley tenured Astronomy Lecturer (deceased) Feb '07

Other almuni

Jon Arons compiled these tables of all Berkeley alumni since WWII and last them updated July 24, 1998.

Updates should go into the table above.