Astro 300 (Fall 2009)


Class is held: Mondays 5-7 PM, 501 Campbell

Instructor: Josh Shiode (

Advising Professor: James Graham (jgraham@astro)

You should make sure to read the syllabus.

Quick recap of this semester, with comments on pieces of the curriculum and recommendations for future semesters.

Other Important Stuff

An important resource for GSIs is the Electronic Big Red Binder and, to a lesser extent, its hard copy equivalent, the Big Red Binder (located in the seventh floor library in Campbell) . Reuse and modification of any and all of the materials in these resources is highly encouraged! So is contribution back to the EBRB of your improved materials!

Astronomy in the News - A list of interesting astro-related news articles and websites (usually with more of an emphasis on pop-culture type stuff). Everyone in the class should update this on occasion.

Ay 300 Lesson Plans

Class Number Date Topics
Class 1 8/24 Intro / administrative details / course goals / teaching at Berkeley and the role of section / section structures / lecturing & boardwork
Class 2 8/25 Group/peer learning / planning sections / your first section / TALC / worksheets (if there's time)
Class 3 8/31 Ethics & cheating / Q&A / classroom interaction / mock lectures
Class 4 9/14 Continue mock lectures / demos / quizzes
Class 5 9/21 Grading HWs & Quizzes / writing exam & TPS (mc) questions / discuss EGSI visitation / post-game analysis on videotaped sections
Class 6 9/28 Writing exam & TPS (mc) questions / review sessions / check teaching logs
Class 7 10/5 Midterm evaluations / discuss lecture visitation project
Class 8 10/12 Think-Pair-Share / discuss design-a-demo project
Class 9 10/19 Teaching for advanced classes (Jeff & Matt) / discuss design-a-demo project
Class 10 10/26 Peer visitation recap / Mid-semester eval recap / Design-a-demo initial presentations / check teaching logs (take 2)
Class 11 11/2 Alex & Marc visit
Class 12 11/9 Previous week recap (Celia's)


Ay 300-specific and general pedagogy

AY 10-specific


Sample syllabi and first section lesson plans can be found on this page of the EBRB.

Sample mid-semester evaluations can be found on this page of the EBRB.

GSI Assignments

AY C10 (Filippenko/Lee)
  1. Josh Burkart
  2. Jackson Debuhr
  3. Chris Griffith
  4. Therese Jones
  5. Bernie Lin
  6. Ryan Maas
  7. James McBride
  8. Anna Rosen
AY 10 (Davis/Chan)
  1. Emily Chan (Head GSI)
  2. Troy Mikanovich
  3. Adam Zok
AY C162 (de Pater)
  1. Alyssa Rhoden

Previous Semesters

C10-specific webpage