AY 300 Fall 2010: Ninth Day Plan


  • Spend a significant amount of time recapping on particular instances.
  • See Design-A-Demo presentations, part 1.
  • Work on lesson plans for the coming week

Recap (50 mins; 6:00 PM)

  • Have the assigned people present what happened for discussion/feedback
    • Jonathan
    • Someone else??
  • Think about the following questions
    • What was your goal for this lesson?
    • What happened?
    • What did you say?
    • What were the students reactions?
    • How did those reactions compare to your expectations?
    • What did you do well?
    • What could you have done differently?
    • What feedback did you get?

BREAK (5 mins; 6:05 PM)

Design-A-Demo Presentations (30 mins; 6:35 PM)

  • Francesca, Katie, and Casey
  • Karto, Jess, Jieun, and Iok

Plan for Next Week (25 mins; 7:00 PM)