AY 375 - Fall 2016: Tenth Day Lesson Plan

Section Recap (20 minutes)

Teaching Portfolios and Statement of Teaching Philosophy (15 minutes)

(10 minutes) Slides led by Carina.

  • Key Takeaways:
    • The GSI Teaching & Resource Center offers a Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. You will have already completed many of the required items through 375!
    • A teaching portfolio is often required as part of many applications in academia. Things that usually go in a teaching portfolio include:
      • Teaching Experience
      • Statement of Teaching Philosophy
      • Syllabus and Course Design
      • Feedback on Teaching (use of mid-semester and final evaluations)
      • Professional Development
      • Teaching Methods
      • Awards, etc.
    • A statement of teaching philosophy is a ~1-page single-spaced essay where you share your beliefs about student learning, teaching methods, and concrete examples that you use in the classroom. Things that are typically included are:
      • Goals for student learning in your discipline
      • Beliefs about how learning takes place
      • Activities you use to promote learning
      • 15-minute window into a class activity
      • How you know if your students are learning
      • Relationships with/among students
      • Classroom environment you strive to fosters
      • How your teaching has changed over time and why

(5 minutes) Individually, take a few minutes to answer the following prompts on a piece of paper. Use this free writing exercise to get you started on writing your own statement.

  • What are your goals for student learning in your discipline?
  • What type of teaching methods do you use and why?

Group Stations (45 minutes)

  • Student Motivations and Mindsets (Carina)
  • Creative Teaching (Beth)
  • Biases (Jason)

Students choose 2 stations to attend.

(20 minutes) Station 1

(5 minutes) Break

(20 minutes) Station 2

Concept Mapping (30 minutes)

(20 minutes) In pairs, develop a concept map with 'learning' at the center. Develop connections between ideas and write/draw your map on a mini whiteboard.

(10 minutes) Group discussion.


  1. Draft your teaching philosophy statement. Bring a copy to class next week.