AY 375 - Fall 2016: Eleventh Day Lesson Plan

Section Recap (20 minutes)

Statement of Teaching Philosophy Peer Review (30 minutes)

(20 minutes) Trade teaching statements with 2 people (10 minutes each) and fill out the Peer Review form for each. Students will provide detailed feedback regarding the strengths and weaknesses of each other's teaching philosophy statements.

(10 minutes) Class discussion. Students will share which ideas they found to be engaging in each other's statements, and which ideas took them by surprise.

Break (5 minutes)

Pedagogy Careers (20 minutes)

(10 minutes) Slides led by Michael.

(10 minutes) Discussion on the value of EPO (Education and Public Outreach)


  1. Reminder: No class the next two weeks! Final class on 11/16.
  2. Edit your teaching statement using feedback from your peers. Put a copy of your final version in Carina's mailbox by 11/9.