AY 300 - Fall 2016: Second Day Lesson Plan

Introductions (5 mins)

  • Write schedule on board
  • Recap what the homework was

Board Work Activity (30 mins)

  • Individual sample board work practice
  • Discussion: What did people do well?
    • Don't erase too soon
    • Write from left to right
    • Write large and legibily
    • Labels and titles
    • Use lots of colors
    • Don't talk to the board
    • Explain what you write
    • What you write will be copied verbatim and should be interpretable by someone who wasn't in the class

BREAK (5 mins)

Lesson Plan and Syllabus Exchange (30 mins)

  • (15 mins) Trade your lesson plan and syllabus with at least two people for feedback
  • (10 mins) Discussion:
    • What did you see that you liked or want to borrow?
    • Reminder of first day skeleton plan

Logistics (15 min)

  • When/where people and teaching section / holding office hours for the wiki
  • Pre-first class logistics
    • Buy white board markers and notecards (there may be notecards you can get from the department)
    • Get a hold of a textbook
    • Get a copy code to make handouts
    • Make sure you've met with your instructor and set expectations
    • Schedule office hours and where they should be held (you need to reserve a room)
    • Get access to section / office horu room
    • Is your class using bcourses? Do you have access? Familiarize yourself
    • Badgrads account to access to EBRB

Recap and Questions (15 mins)