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 ======AY 375 - Fall 2016: Seventh Day Lesson Plan====== ======AY 375 - Fall 2016: Seventh Day Lesson Plan======
 +=====Section Recap (20 minutes)=====
 +   * What did you do? 
 +   * What worked well? 
 +   * What didn't work well? 
 +   * What would you do differently?​
 +   * How did you assess learning?
 +   * Did anything unexpected happen?
 +=====What is Learning?​=====
 +See slides here:
 =====Homework===== =====Homework=====
-  - If it hasn't happened yet, you will be video-taped by one of the 375 GSIs this week. Once this happens, we will send you a link to your section video. Watch it, and complete the {{:​video.pdf|Section Video Recap Worksheet}}.+  - You should be administering your midsemester evaluations in your sections this week. After reviewing your students'​ responses, write up a ~1 paragraph summary of the evaluation. Bring this summary and a copy of your (blank) evaluation to class on 10/5 (next week!). ​If you are teaching a lab course, you are encouraged to talk to the Professor of the course and see if it's possible to adminster a midsemester evaluation for the class as a whole. If you are not teaching at all this semesterplease draft a general midsemester evaluation (one that you could use in future semesters), but you will not be administering it. 
 +  - You will be video-taped by one of the 375 GSIs sometime next week (10/​3-10/​7)!