AY 375 - Fall 2019: Thirteenth Day Lesson Plan

Section Recap (15 min)

Teaching Statements Peer Review (25 min)

(15 min) Trade statements with a partner and fill out the Peer Review form.

(10 min) Class discussion

Designing Exam Review Sections (30 min)

(10 min) Introduce the goals of exam review, including time for a small discussion. Share a few examples of review options.

(15 min) Practice making review questions activity. Students create their own questions and then trade for feedback.

(5 min) Class discussion

Concept Mapping (25 min)

We've learned a lot over the course of the semester, so let's review concepts and connect everything together in our last official activity of 375! In 4 different groups, choose a different section of whiteboard. In your group, draw a concept map that includes the following terms:

  • Fixed mindset vs. growth mindset
  • Deep learning
  • Strategic learning
  • Motivation
  • Mental models
  • Prior knowledge
  • Group work
  • Assessment
  • Misconceptions
  • Active learning
  • Learning objectives
  • Lesson plans
  • Bias
  • Bloom's taxonomy

You may include additional terms if you like. Connect the terms in your map with detailed descriptions.

  • Okay example: Learning objectives — they inform — lesson plans.
  • Better example: Learning objectives — they should probe a range of learning levels, they help align course material, and make it easier to form — lesson plans.

When you're finished, visit other group's boards and look at how much you've learned!


  1. Edit your teaching statement and bring in one copy of your final version next week.