AY 375 - Fall 2019: Ninth Day Lesson Plan

Section Recap (15 min)

(5 min) Respond to Ay375 feedback

(10 min) Section recap (shorter due to feedback)

Feedback: Closing the Loop (20 min)

(10 min) With a group, share one piece of feedback from your midsemester evals that surprised you. If you haven't administered evals yet, share one question you would like to ask.

(10 min) Class discussion

Practicing Effective Lecturing (55 min)

(10 min) As a class, generate a list of best practices for lecturing and board work. Right this list up on the board (or on a slide) and leave it there as a touchstone for the later conversations within groups.

(10 min) Every person is given a different topic. Individually, sketch out a 3 minute mini-lecture on that topic.

(7 min) In groups of two and at the whiteboard, each person gives their mini-lecture to the other person.

(5 min) Offer advice for improvement

(7 min) Take #2

(5 min) Offer advice

(10 min) Group discussion about what we struggle with when it comes to speaking and working in front of the class.


  1. If you haven't done so already, write and administer a midsemester evaluation in your section this week. After reviewing your students' responses, write up a summary of the evaluation (What did you learn? What changes might you make?). You might consider graphing quantitative responses for your 'analysis'. Bring this summary and a copy of your (blank) evaluation to class next week (10/30).
  2. If you haven't done so already, watch your section video and complete the Section Video Recap Worksheet. Bring it to class on 10/30.