Astronomy Career Development Seminar (AstroCDS)

Location: 6th floor, Campbell Hall

Nick Kern (
Kaylan Burleigh (

Previous Organizers:
Malena Rice
Adam Morgan

Faculty Support
Everyone, in particular Eugene and Mariska

Fall 2017 Schedule

Date Time Who Job was former…
Fri Nov 3rd 5:10pm Campbell Hall 6th floor Dr. Adam Morgan Target UCB Astro PhD
Mon Nov 20th 1:10pm Campbell Hall Dr. Chris Klein Apple UCB Astro PhD

Past Speakers

Date Time Who Job was former…
3/29/2017 5 pm Dr. Casey Stark Google UCB Astro PhD
2/27/2017 6 pm Dr. Matt George Airware UCB Astro PhD
5/2/2016 5 pm Dr. Xiaosheng Huang Prof. at U. of San Francisco UCB physics PhD / postdoc
4/19/2016 5 pm Dr. Beth Reid The Climate Coporation BCCP fellow
12/1/2014 5 pm Dr. Charles Hansen Pivotal Labs UCB Physics PhD
11/3/2014 5pm Dr. Jacob Lynn VIA Analytics UCB Physics PhD
10/6/2014 5pm Dr. Josh Shiode John Bahcall Public Policy Fellow UCB Astro PhD
9/9/2014 5pm Dr. Alexia Schulz MIT Lincoln Labs UCB Astro PhD
4/8/2014 5pm Dr. Kelly Truelove Internet Law Expert UCB Physics PhD
3/18/2014 5pm Dr. Mohan Ganeshalingam LBNL Energy Efficiency Standards group UCB Astro PhD
2/17/2014 5pm Dr. Kristen Shapiro Griffin Northrop Grumman UCB Astro PhD
12/17/2013 5pm Dr. Jessica Kirkpatrick Yammer/InstaEDU UCB Astro PhD
11/18/2013 5pm Dr. Berian James Square Post Doc at Berkeley & Copenhagen
10/15/2013 5pm Dr. Onsi Fakhouri Pivotal Labs UCB Astro PhD

What is it?

This talk series increases the exposure of UCB Astronomy undergrads, grads, and postdocs to a variety of career opportunities outside academia (any job except R1 university Prof.). Two to three times per semester we invite a UCB alum, who did their PhD in astronomy, to tell us how they got from grad school to their current job. The talk is informal and very interactive. The speaker spends 15-20 min telling us about their path and the remaining 40 minutes is Q&A. Thanks to strong faculty support, especially Eugene, Mariska, Imke, we have funding to cater the event. We bring in food during the last 20 min so we can eat, mingle, and keep the time commitment to 1 hour!