AAS 211th Meeting

Austin, TX: 2008 January 7-11

This is the largest gathering of U.S. astronomers every year, and is a great place to learn about the latest results in the general field. Especially recommended this for first-years: you have your first-year discretionary cash to spend and this is a great way to find out what kind of science really grabs your attention. But even for older students, this is a good opportunity to see what's happening outside your research specialty. Plus, it's a chance to do some travel and always a lot of fun hanging out with other Berkeley (and non-Berkeley) students there.

If you want to actually present something, the primary abstract deadline has passed, but you can still submit a late abstract with no real penalty (other than that it will only appear in the supplement booklet.) But, there's no pressure to present anything at all; it's great to just go and learn about stuff. More details are at http://www.aas.org/meetings/aas211/ if you need them.

List of Attendees Presenting work

A bold number indicates a talk. Others are posters.

  • Yvonne Kemper - 003.39 - Supersoft Sources: An X-tra Galactic Study in M31
  • Ferah Munshi - 055.10 - Tip of the Red Giant Branch Distance of Satellite Dwarfs as a Secondary Distance Indicator to NGC4258
  • Nicholas Lee - 095.31 - Presentation of Results From the Study of Radio Properties of Lyman Break Galaxies in the COSMOS Field
  • Megan Reiter - 104.01 - A Spitzer/IRAC Characterization of AGB Stars
Grad Students


  • Daniel Perley - 010.10 - Keck Observations of Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Host Galaxies: Early Results
  • Josh Peek - 014.08 - Hidden Galactic Accretion: The Discovery of Low-Velocity Halo Clouds


  • Louie Desroches - 046.09 - AGN Fraction in Late-type Galaxies
  • Julia Comerford - 052.01 - Dual Supermassive Black Holes in Galaxy Merger Remnants in DEEP2
  • Eric Huff - 55.06 - Weak Lensing in the Sloan Southern Stripe


  • Katie Peek - 103.16 - r-Process Elements in the Milky Way
  • Ryan Chornock - 107.03 - Spectropolarimetry of Core-Collapse Supernovae
  • Ryan Foley - 107.05D - Constraining SN Ia Evolution


  • Peter Williams - 133.08 - Broadband Spectra with the Allen Telescope Array
  • Jeffrey Silverman - 161.06 - On the Most Massive Known Stellar-Mass Black Hole
  • Joe Converse - 162.11 - High Binarity and Mass Segregation in the Pleiades
  • Dan Kocevski - 018.01 - GRB Energetics in the Swift Era
  • Andrew West - 021.06 - The Active Lives of M Dwarfs: The Activity, Dynamical and Metallicity Evolution of Most Milky Way Stars
  • Matthew K. Browning - 103.09 - Rotation and Magnetic Activity in Simulations of Fully Convective Stars
  • Nathan Smith - 105.20 - Recent Results On A Few Extraordinary Supernovae