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 +With the [[http://​www.uhs.berkeley.edu/​students/​insurance/​index.shtml|SHIP medical insurance]] provided by the university, you have access to all the medical facilities inside the [[http://​www.uhs.berkeley.edu/​|Tang Center]]. ​ This includes GPs, specialists,​ the pharmacy, and the optometrist (though the school of optometry). ​
 +The SHIP insurance also provides [[https://​uhs.berkeley.edu/​insurance/​ship-benefits/​ship-dental-benefits|basic dental care]] (up to $1000 a year in coverage), cleanings every six months and most dental needs, including fillings, X-rays, wisdom teeth removal, etc.  This service is provided outside the Tang Center, and [[httphttps://​uhs.berkeley.edu/​insurance/​ship-benefits/​ship-dental-benefits|the dental care website]] should link to a list of dentists that are covered by the insurance. ​ To help you find a good dentist, here are the names of some dentists that have been tried and liked. ​ (If you add a dentist here, please use the appropriate smiley face to indicate your level of satisfaction.)
 +==== Dentists ====
 +Dr. Bryan Haynes :-D \\
 +1249 Powell St, Emeryville \\
 +Recommended by Jason Wright \\
 +Dr. Ernie Lavorini :-D \\
 +363 15th St., Oakland (close to 12th St BART) \\
 +510-444-4334 \\
 +Recommended by Linda Strubbe \\
 +Dr. Holly Wieber (**in-network**) =) \\
 +[[http://​www.yelp.com/​biz/​holly-wieber-dds-berkeley-2|Yelp reviews]] \\
 +3017 Telegraph Ave. at Ashby, Berkeley \\
 +510-549-2814 \\
 +Very frank and forthcoming. \\
 +Recommended by Katie Peek, so-far-so-good by Peter Williams \\
 +Dr. Amy K. Lee (**out of network**) :-D \\
 +1653 Solano Ave., Berkeley \\
 +510-524-3984 \\
 +Recommended by Jeff Silverman, Katey Alatalo, and Chat Hull \\
 +**Note: it appears that while Amy Lee is out of network, she is NOT charging out-of-network fees to her Berkeley patients, lest she lose half her clientele! ​ In other words, you can keep going to Amy Lee.**\\
 +**Note the second: it appears that now Amy Lee has decided not to waive the out-of-network fees. There was no official announcement that I know of, but I got a bill for a routine cleaning, and after calling the office, was told they were not waiving the fee any more. (4/​11/​13)**\\
 +Dr. Dawn Dukes (**out of network**) :-D \\
 +6431 Fairmount Ave., El Cerrito (at El Cerrito Plaza) \\
 +510-558-9262 \\
 +Recommended by Kristen Shapiro \\
 +==== Oral Surgeons ====
 +Dr. Craig Bloom :-D \\
 +2522 Dana St, Berkeley (walking distance from campus) \\
 +510-848-1055 \\
 +Recommended by Kristen Shapiro