Meals with Seminar Speakers

Please list interest/commitment regarding lunches and dinners with seminar speakers.

An Example of How this Might Work

Please keep this section around for the time being.

  • Someone sends an email blast announcing the Cosmology seminar on Tues. March 20 and asking for interest in dinner.
  • I am interested in attending this dinner, but not if I'm the only grad student. I come to this wiki page, and create the topic (below) “Cosmology Seminar Dinner Tues. 3/20.” Under this topic I list my name as “interested.”
  • The next person interested in the dinner comes to this page and sees that there is already a post for this dinner. They add their name to the list, also as “interested.” They then get in touch with me, and together, we sign up for the dinner.
  • Once signed up for dinner, we return to this page, update our status from “interested” to “attending.” Any future visitors to this page can then also sign themselves up, knowing what other grad students are attending.
  • The students attending have a lovely dinner, meet a big name professor, make a fantastic impression, and are all immediately granted tenure.
  • Once the dinner is over, someone returns to clean-up the page, deleting the expired entry.

Actual Sign-Ups