RAL Pizza Lunch

The monthly RAL pizza lunch is held on the first Tuesday of each month at noon, currently in the sixth floor lounge at Campbell Hall.

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Next Pizza Peon

Date Pizza Peon Notes
April 5, 2016 need sodas

See pizza peon instructions below.

Historical Pizza Peon Data

We keep track of this information to try to make sure that pizza-ordering duties are shared evenly. Please move information from the previous section down to this one each month, in reverse chronological order.

Date Pizza Peon Notes
Mar 1, 2016 Grantland Hall
Feb 2, 2016 Casey Law
Jan 5, 2016 Neil Goeckner-Wald need sodas
Dec 1, 2015 Dyas
Nov 3, 2015 John Groh
Oct 6, 2015 Charlie Hill sodas in 6th floor fridge
Sep 1, 2015 Dyas
Aug 4, 2015 John Groh
July 7, 2015 Adrian Liu
Jun 2, 2015 Dave D
May 4, 2015 Casey
Apr 6, 2015 Casey
Mar 2, 2015 Steve
Feb 2, 2015 Dyas bought sodas
Dec 1, 2014 Steve
Nov 3, 2014 Steve
Aug 4, 2014 Dyas
June 2, 2014 Dyas bought sodas
May 5, 2014 Casey
April 7, 2014 Chat
March 3, 2014 Dyas bought sodas
February 3, 2014 Dyas
January 6, 2014 Steve got sodas
December 2, 2013 Casey
November 4, 2013 Steve a few sodas in B fridge; could do with more
October 7, 2013 Casey
September 9, 2013 Steve
August 5, 2013 fail no volunteer
July 1, 2013 Steve got sodas
June 3, 2013 Steve need sodas
May 6, 2013 fail no volunteer
Apr 1, 2013 Steve bought sodas
Mar 4, 2013 Chat Hiawatha
Feb 4, 2013 Steve need sodas
Dec 3, 2012 Casey yes
Oct 1, 2012 Steve Coke and Sprite in building D fridge (marked RAL)

Pizza Peon Instructions

One option for friendly service and tasty pizza is Tivoli Caffe (510-704-1332), which is right across the street from HFA, although a bit of a hike now that we're back in Campbell. They will deliver if you don't want to walk over and pick up pizzas though. Now that we've joined forces with the cosmology group, you'll need nine 16-inch combos (three veg, six meat). This is enough for 2.4 slices each for 30 people. The Tivoli flyer advertises “order 3 or more 16 inch pizzas and pay the 12 inch price” although you should ask for this discount, or it won't be consistently applied. Ideally, place your order the day before pizza lunch, and tell George (or whoever's there) that you will pick them up at 11:55am on Tuesday.

If there are no sodas in the fridge, consider buying some from Walgreens (12 packs are around $6) at the top of Telegraph and putting them in the fridge (mark the box “RAL”) at least a couple of hours in advance. Much cheaper than ordering along with the pizza.

There are usually plates, cups and napkins in the sixth floor kitchen. You could also pick some up with the pizza if you want.

Send out an email to ralusers@astro.berkeley.edu announcing pizza lunch the day before (Monday), and at around 11am on the relevant Tuesday.

Other pizza places we have used in the past include North Beach Pizza. The drivers don't bring receipts, though! Print out the receipt page from the website. (The website doesn't email you a receipt, so don't count on that, either.) Check the “Coupons” portion of their page for ones that can be applied to your order.

Extreme Pizza might also be an option.

Lanesplitter Pizza (510-527-8375) doesn't have consistent enough delivery and their thin crust pizzas tend to get cold.

Pizza Peon Resources

BearBuy reimbursement. All RES reimbursement is now done through BearBuy. Here are the steps:

  • Login to BearBuy
  • Click “Forms”
  • Click “Campus Shared Services”
  • Fill out form for each request (lunch, dinner, etc.)
  • Attach itemized receipts and old “RES entertainment check request” form with PI signature (see below)
  • Select “Add and go to Cart”
  • Click “Go”
  • Click “View Cart Details”
  • Input “NPRAL” into “Org Node”
  • Click “Summary”
  • Edit Fund (19900), Department (24180), Program Code (44), Chartfield2 (NPCEN)
  • Click “Submit”

Old “RES entertainment check request” form: Click here for a pre-filled reimbursement form. Print it out and fill it out with the appropriate information. The RES people really don't care who's on the list of people, as long as the price of lunch per person is less than the maximum (which it always is). It is therefore easier to fill out all ten spaces and simply divide the total cost (including tip!) by 10 and report that as the per-person amount. Get Carl (or someone else who can sign off on CARMA funds) to sign the form.

The un-filled original Excel spreadsheet version of the form is here.

NOTE: the above form is only useful in that it is proof of approval. Scan it and attach it with your receipts in BearBuy, as described above.

Sample email to ralusers: Pretty basic. Herewith:

To: ralusers@astro.berkeley.edu
Subject: Radio lunch tomorrow at noon

Hi, everyone--

Tomorrow is the first Tuesday of the month, so we'll be meeting in the sixth floor lounge at Campbell Hall and I'll be bringing pizza.

See you there,

If new folks need to sign up for the ralusers list they can do so at http://tinyurl.com/ralusers