Todo: PDF Export?

I'm pretty sure there's a plugin that exports pages as PDF via LaTeX. May be a nice feature to have. — Peter Williams 2008/08/26 17:09

Todo: LaTeX Equations

Would be nice to have. I don't see a good plugin to do them on the DokuWiki site though. The wiki for Eugene's and Steve's classes on had a plugin that let you put equations inside dollar signs in the source, but I dunno where it came from. — Peter Williams 2008/08/26 17:09

Todo: Tall Tables

Several pages have tables that would benefit from multiline entries. It looks like there are a few “MediaWiki tables” plugins that may allow this. — Peter Williams 2008/08/26 17:09

Original Registration Restrictions Discussion

(Moved here from the homepage discussion page. — Peter Williams 2008/08/21 11:22)

Right now things are configured so that only logged-in users can edit things. Does this sound right? It's easy to let anyone, even not logged in users, edit pages. But then maybe we'd get wiki-spammed or vandalized or something. This way there's at least a sort of history of who does what - though I suppose it's kind of meaningless since anyone can create whatever account they want. On the other hand, having people log in makes it easier to see who's added what to each page.

Does anyone care?
Marshall Perrin 2006/05/09 14:49

I think there's a general feeling that we shouldn't let the thing be completely open to the public – who knows what happens when the rental agencies find the stuff on how to find housing in Berkeley? What sorts of access controls are available? Can we restrict login access to people with a IP? That might be best.
Jason Wright 2006/05/09 21:00

We can certainly restrict content to only logged in users, or only Berkeley IPs, or various other things. But that seems a bit paranoid to me - do you really think we'll have enough sensitive content on here to warrant that? I don't like the IP address restriction, since that means the pages aren't accessible from home or while on the road, which strikes me as defeating the purpose of this. — Marshall Perrin 2006/05/09 21:35

I absolutely agree that we should be able to read the contents of the wiki anywhere. I just don't want some internet crank finding our pages and causing mischief. I suggested that we restrict logins from non-Berkeley IPs (not viewings of the wiki) since only those logged in can edit, but even that might be too much. How about we restrict new accounts to That way, once we create an account, we can use it from anywhere, but weirdos have no way of changing the content of the wiki.
Jason Wright 2006/05/09 21:41

How about we restrict new accounts to

Oh, nice idea. I like it. But that will take a bit of hacking to implement, I think. Since there's a login/register button at the top of every page, we can't use page-based access controls to enforce a restriction on new accounts. We'll probably need to modify the wiki source a bit to restrict things, but that's not too hard. The code is in /celt/htdocs/, though I'm not sure exactly where the registration function lives. — Marshall Perrin 2006/05/10 10:34

Well, we don't have to restrict access to the login/register button, just the registration page. I guess that page doesn't have access control?

Jason Wright 2006/05/10 13:38

There isn't a “registration page” - every page can be the registration page, depending on what arguments are passed to the wiki. Pay close attention to the URLs and you'll see how things work. This whole thing is all just one PHP script, doku.php, called with various arguments in the URL. — Marshall Perrin 2006/05/10 16:14

OK, now I believe I've got things set up to only allow registration from local IPs. This won't inlude AirBears, I think, though I've not tested that. Let me know if there are problems… — Marshall Perrin 2006/05/24 14:25

For FYI purposes, this was done using regex parsing of the IP address in inc/auth.php on line 965. — Jason Wang 2015/05/08 11:47

This has been updated. Still around line 950 in the beginning of the register() function (Search “BADGrads modification”). I have switched to IP filtering to New Campbell Hall (was done before, but never noted). — Jason Wang 2016/08/17 17:03