Outside course requirements for astronomy graduate students

The following guidelines are intended to administer this requirement with flexibility and fairness.

  • Courses whose content is basically astronomical (such as Physics 161 or IDS 160AB) are not acceptable toward this requirement. Students are most definitely encouraged to take such courses; but since their principal content is astronomy, they should be regarded as equivalent to astronomy courses.
  • The requirement cannot be satisfied by intermediate-level courses that might reasonably be expected to be part of the background of incoming graduate students. Examples are Physics 105, 110, 111, 112, 137; Math 120, 121; and analogous courses in Engineering, Chemistry, etc. Some students may need to take such courses to remedy deficiencies in background, but they will not count toward the outside course requirement. On the other hand, specialized intermediate courses are acceptable. Examples, are Physics 124, 129, 141, 142, etc.
  • Seminars cannot fulfill the requirement unless specially approved. Such approval might be given in the case where a "seminar" was really a lecture course, or for a seminar whose members pursued a program of research that develops understanding to the same extent that a lecture course would.
  • Courses to satisfy this requirement may be taken S/U.

Advanced Level

  • Physics 205AB: Advanced Dynamics
  • Physics 208AB: Introduction to Quantum Electronics and Nonlinear Optics
  • Physics 210AB: Classical Physics: Mechanics and Electromagnetism
  • Physics 211: Equilibrium Statistical Physics
  • Physics 221AB: Quantum Mechanics
  • Physics 231: General Relativity
  • Physics 242AB: Theoretical Plasma Physics
  • Math 224AB: Math Methods for the Physical Sciences
  • Statistics 200AB: Introduction to Probability and Statistics at an Advanced Level
  • Statistics 238: Bayesian Statistics
  • Statistics 236: Analysis of Discrete Observations
  • Electrical Engr 210: Applied Electromagnetic Theory
  • Electrical Engr 216: Antennas & Propogation
  • Computer Science C267: Application of Parallel Computers
  • Chemistry 220AB: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
  • Chemistry 221: Advanced Quantum Mechanics

Intermediate Level

  • Astronomy 160: Stellar Structure & Evolution
  • Physics 124: Introductory Nuclear Physics
  • Physics 129AB: Particle Physics
  • Physics 141AB: Solid State Physics
  • Physics 142: Introduction to Plasma Physics
  • Math 126: Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
  • Statistics 135: Concepts of Statistics
  • Electrical Engr 140: Analog Integrated Circuits