UC Berkeley Ph.D.s in Astronomy and Astrophysics

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Berkeley Astronomy Alumni

Name PhD Year Adviser Dept. Current Institution/Company Current Title/Role Last update
Kempski, Philipp '22 Quataert AY Princeton Spitzer Postdoc Fellow May 22
Molter, Ned '22 de Pater AY UC Berkeley Postdoc May 22
Suess, Wren '21 Kriek AY Stanford/UCSC Cosmology/Chancellor's Fellow May 21
Stahl, Benjamin '21 Filippenko PH Citadel Data Scientist May 21
Medford, Michael '21 Lu/Nugent AY Planet Geospatial Software Engineer May 21
Klion, Hannah '21 Quataert PH LBNL Postdoc May 21
Gorthi, Deepthi '21 Parsons AY Waymo Engineer May 21
El-Badry, Kareem '21 Quataert/Weisz AY Harvard Society of Fellows Junior Fellow May 21
Abdurrahman, Fatima '21 AY STEM education research May 21
Jia, Siyao '20 Lu AY Google Software Engineer Aug 20
Zick, Tom '20 Weisz AY Harvard Berkman Klein Internet & Society Fellow Aug 20
Kern, Nick '20 Parsons AY MIT Pappalardo Fellow Aug 20
Krolewski, Alex '20 White AY University of Waterloo & Perimeter Institute AMTD Fellow Aug 20
Cheng, Carina '19 Parsons AY Keystone Strategy Consultant Aug 19
Zhang, Yunfan (Gerry) '19 de Pater AY May 21
Ressler, Sean '19 Quataert PH May 21
Tollefson, Joshua '19 de Pater EPS May 21
Ali, Zaki '18 Parsons AY Square Data Scientist Aug 19
Burleigh, Kaylan '18 Nugent AY Raytheon Engineer Aug 19
Hirsch, Lea '18 Howard AY Stanford Postdoc Aug 19
Fielding, Drummond '18 Quataert AY Flatiron Institute Postdoc Aug 19
Wang, Jason '18 Graham/Kalas AY Caltech 51 Peg b Postdoc Sep 18
Harris, Chelsea '18 Nugent/Kasen AY Michigan State University Research Associate Apr 18
Goldstein, Danny '18 Nugent/Kasen AY Lawrence Berkeley Lab Data Engineer Nov 20
Veale, Melanie '17 Ma PH Domino Data Lab Technical Support Engineer Aug 19
Lee, Eve '17 Chiang AY McGill Assistant Professor of Physics Aug 19
Price, Sedona '17 Kriek AY Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (MPE Garching) Postdoc Aug 17
Utomo, Dyas '17 Blitz AY Ohio State Postdoc Aug 17
Lee, Aaron '17 McKee & Klein AY UT Austin Postdoc Aug 17
Shivvers, Isaac '17 Filippenko AY Enview Machine Learning Scientist Aug 19
de Kleer, Katherine '17 de Pater AY Caltech Assistant Professor of Geological and Planetary Sciences Nov 20
Barnes, Jennifer '17 Kasen PH Columbia Einstein Fellow Aug 17
Roth, Nathaniel '17 Kasen PH University of Maryland Joint Space Science Institute Fellow Aug 17
Truong, Mai '17 Blitz PH IronYun Marketing Manager Dec 17
Schwab, Josiah '16 Quataert PH UCSC Hubble Fellow Aug 17
Lecoanet, Daniel '16 Quataert PH Princeton PCTS Fellow Aug 17
Weiss, Lauren '16 Marcy AY U. Montreal Trottier Fellow Dec 17
Fornasini, Francesca '16 Tomsick & Kriek AY Stonehill College Assistant Professor of Physics Aug 17
Keating (Karto), Garrett '16 Bower AY Harvard CfA SMA Fellow Aug 17
Myers, Andrew '15 McKee/Klein PH LBNL Computer Systems Engineer Dec 17
Petigura, Erik '15 Marcy AY UCLA Assistant Professor of Astronomy Nov 20
Stark, Casey '15 Nugent AY Google Engineer Nov 15
McBride, James '14 Heiles AY Ceres Imaging Scientist Dec 17
McCourt, Mike '14 Quataert AY UC Santa Barbara Hubble Fellow Aug 17
Lynn, Jacob '14 Quataert PH Booking.com Data Scientist Dec 17
Burkhart, Josh '14 Quataert PH Google Software Engineer Dec 17
Hull, Chat '14 Plambeck AY NAOJ (based in ALMA, Chile) NAOJ Fellow Dec 17
George, Matt '14 Schlegel AY Planet Senior Machine Learning Engineer Dec 17
Klein, Chris '14 Bloom AY Apple Data Science Manager Dec 17
Morgan, Adam '14 Bloom AY Target Data Scientist Aug 17
Miller, Adam '13 Bloom AY CIERA, Northwestern University LSST Data Science Fellow Aug 17
Newman, Sarah '13 Genzel AY Bright Power, Inc. Research Analyst Dec 17
Noh, Yookyung '13 Cohn AY Intel RET Engineer Dec 17
Perez-Becker, Daniel '13 Chiang PH Microsoft, Boston Data Scientist Aug 17
Pober, Jonathan '13 Parsons AY Brown University Assistant Professor Dec 17
DeBuhr, Jackson '12 Ma PH Infoscitex Corporation Software Scientist Dec 17
Shiode, Joshua '12 Quataert AY Semiconductor Industry Association Director of Government Affairs Dec 17
Alatalo, Katey '12 Heiles AY STScI Staff Astronomer Dec 17
Bauermeister, Amber '12 Blitz AY Northrop Grumman Corporation Communications Systems Engineer Dec 17
Ganeshalingam, Mo '12 Filippenko AY LBL Energy Analysis Staff Feb 13
Huff, Eric '12 Seljak AY JPL Staff Scientist Aug 17
Luszcz-Cook, Statia '12 de Pater AY Columbia University Columbia Science Fellow Aug 17
McConnell, Nicholas '12 Ma / Graham AY UCSC STEM Workforce Development and Education Manager Dec 17
Siemion, Andrew '12 Bower AY Breakthrough Listen, Berkeley Astronomy Principal Investigator Mar 19
Williams, Peter '12 Bower AY Harvard CfA Postdoc Dec 17
Hansen, Charles '11 McKee / Klein AY Pivotal Labs, San Francisco Software Engineer Dec 17
Perley, Daniel '11 Bloom AY Astrophysics Research Institute, Liverpool, England Senior Lecturer Dec 17
Silverman, Jeffrey '11 Filippenko AY Samba TV Data Scientist Aug 17
Strubbe, Linda '11 Quataert AY University of British Columbia Science Teaching & Learning Fellow Dec 17
Fakhouri, Onsi '10 Ma AY Pivotal Labs, Colorado Senior Vice President for Cloud R&D Dec 17
Converse, Joseph '10 Stahler AY University of Toledo Postdoc Feb 13
Imara, Nia '10 Blitz AY UCSC Assistant Professor of Astronomy Nov 20
Maness, Holly '10 Graham AY Earth & Planetary Sciences, UC Berkeley NSF SEES Fellow Aug '14
Shapiro (Griffin), Kristen '10 Genzel AY Northrup Grumman Corporation Director, Global Strategy and Business Development Dec 17
Wetzel, Andrew '10 White AY UC Davis Assistant Professor Dec 17
Parsons, Aaron '09 Backer AY Berkeley Associate Professor Aug 17
Chornock, Ryan '09 Filippenko AY Ohio University Assistant Professor Dec 17
Comerford, Julie '09 Davis AY U. Colorado, Boulder Assistant Professor Dec 17
Desroches, Louis-Benoit '09 Filippenko AY LBL Research Scientist, Deputy Group Leader Dec 17
Laver, Conor '09 de Pater AY Data Product and Murmuration Vice President Dec 17
Metzger, Brian '09 Quataert PH Columbia Assistant Professor Dec 17
Offner, Stella '09 McKee PH UT Austin Assistant Professor Dec 17
Peek, Kathryn '09 Marcy AY Popular Science Magazine Scientist-Journalist Dec 17
Sandstrom, Karin '09 Bolatto AY UCSD Assistant Professor Dec 17
Foley, Ryan '08 Filippenko AY UC Santa Cruz Assistant Professor Dec 17
Murray-Clay, Ruth '08 Chiang AY UC Santa Cruz Associate Professor Dec 17
Peek, Joshua '08 Heiles AY STScI Associate Astronomer Dec 17
Robishaw, Tim '08 Heiles AY Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory Staff Astronomer Dec 17
Leaman, Jesse '08 Filippenko AY Gryphon Industries CEO Dec 17
Levine, Evan '07 Blitz AY New York City Police Department Assistant Commissioner of Data Analytics Dec 17
Cooper, Michael '07 Davis AY UC Irvine Professor Dec 17
Gerke, Brian '07 Davis PH LBL Staff Scientist Dec 17
Yan, Renbin '07 Davis AY University of Kentucky Assistant Professor Dec 17
Johnson, John '07 Marcy AY Harvard Professor Dec 17
Fitzgerald, Mike '07 Graham & Marcy AY UCLA Professor Dec 17
Kregenow, Julia '07 Heiles & Edelstein AY Penn State Lecturer / Associate Teaching Professor Dec 17
Leroy, Adam '06 Blitz AY Ohio State University Assistant Professor Dec 17
Perrin, Marshall '06 Graham AY STScI Associate Astronomer, JWST Telescope Optics Group Dec 17
Boylan-Kolchin, Mike '06 Ma PH UT Austin Assistant Professor Dec 17
Wright, Jason T. '06 Marcy AY Penn State Associate Professor Dec 17
Swift, Jon '06 Welch AY Thacher School, Ojai, CA Director of Thacher Observatory Dec 17
Dawson, Steve '05 Spinrad AY Alexa Internet Director of Software Engineering Dec 17
McCrady, Nate '05 Graham AY U. Montana Associate Professor Dec 17
Rosolowsky, Erik '05 Blitz AY University of Alberta Associate Professor Dec 17
Chakrabarti, Sukanya '05 McKee PH Rochester Institute of Technology Assistant Professor Sep 17
Simon, Josh '05 Blitz AY Carnegie Observatories Staff Scientist Dec 17
Krumholz, Mark '05 McKee PH Australian National University Professor Dec 17
Coil, Alison '04 Davis AY UCSD Professor Dec 17
Barranco, Joseph '04 Marcus AY San Francisco State U. Associate Professor Dec 17
Chen, Vivien '04 Welch AY National Tsing Hua University Associate Professor Dec 17
Kuo, Chao-Lin '03 AY Stanford Associate Professor Aug 17
Gibson, James '03 AY San Francisco State University Astronomy Technician Aug 17
Mendez, Bryan '02 AY Space Sciences Lab Astronomy Educator Aug 17
Manning, Curtis '02 Spinrad AY
Gilbert, Andrea '02 Graham AY Aerospace Corporation Research Scientist Sept 09
Lloyd, James '02 Graham AY Cornell Astronomy and Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Associate Professor Dec 17
Spitkovsky, Anatoly '02 Arons PH Princeton Professor Dec 17
Webster, Zodiac '02 Welch AY North Carolina State University Teaching Assistant Professor Dec 17
Roe, Henry '01 de Pater AY Lowell Observatory Astronomer Dec 17
Tan, Jonathan '01 McKee AY Chalmers University, Sweden Professor Sep 17
Liu, Michael '00 Graham PH IfA Hawaii Professor Dec 17
Newman, Jeffrey '00 Davis AY U. Pittsburgh Associate Professor Dec 17
Matheson, Tom '00 Filippenko AY NOAO Staff Astronomer Dec 17
Leonard, Doug '00 Filippenko AY San Diego State University Associate Professor Dec 17
Wong, Tony '00 Blitz AY U. Illinois Associate Professor Dec 17
Matzner, Christopher '99 McKee PH U. of Toronto Professor Sep 17
Finkbeiner, Douglas '99 Davis PH Harvard Professor Dec 17
Stern, Dan '99 Spinrad AY JPL Staff Research Scientist Dec 17
Barth, Aaron '98 Filippenko AY UC Irvine Professor Dec 17
Moustakas, Lexi '98 Davis AY JPL Research Scientist and Section Manager Dec 17
Sallmen, Shauna '98 Backer AY UWisc-La Crosse Professor Dec 17
Anderson, Jay '97 King AY STScl Observatory Scientist Sep 18
Bower, Geoff '97 Backer AY ASIAA Research Astronomer Dec 17
Korpela, Eric '97 Bowyer AY SSL Research Scientist Jul 07
Levenson, Nancy '97 Graham AY Space Telescope Science Institute Deputy Director Sept 16
Gonzalez, Rosa '96 Graham AY Centro de Radioastronom ́ıa y Astrof ́ısica, UNAM, Campus Morelia, Michoac ́an, M ́exico, C.P. 58089 Faculty Aug 14
Holzapfel, W.L. '96 Lange PH UC Berkeley Professor, Physics Dec 17
Richter, Matt '95 Graham AY UC Davis Research Physicist Dec 17
Schlegel, David '95 Davis AY LBL permanent position Dec 17
Johnstone, Doug '95 Shu AY U. Victoria/HIA Astronomer Dec 17
Ho, Luis '95 Filippenko AY Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics Director Dec 17
Najita, Joan '94 Shu AY NOAO Astronomer Dec 17
Dey, Arjun '94 Spinrad AY NOAO Astronomer Dec 17
Brown, Michael '94 Spinrad / de Pater AY Caltech Professor Dec 17
Tegmark, Max '94 Silk PH MIT Professor Dec 17
Valenti, Jeff '94 Basri AY STScI Astronomer Dec 17
Williams, Jonathan P. '94 Blitz/Welch AY IfA Hawaii Professor Dec 17
Devlin, Mark J. '93 Lange PH U. Penn. Professor Dec 17
Dickinson, Mark '93 Spinrad AY NOAO Astronomer Dec 17
McCullough, Peter '93 Heiles AY STScI Astronomer Dec 17
Meixner, Margaret '93 Welch AY STScI Astronomer Dec 17
Tafalla, Mario '93 Welch AY Obs. Astro. Nacional (Spain) Astronomer Dec 17
Wilner, David '93 Welch AY CfA Senior Astrophysicist Dec 17
Edelstein, Jerry '92 Bowyer AY SSL Senior Fellow Dec 17
Alsop, David '91 Lange PH Harvard; Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Professor of Radiology; Director of MRI Research Dec 17
Shields, Joe '91 Filippenko AY Ohio U. Professor; Vice President of Research; Graduate Dean Dec 17
Bernstein, Gary '89 Richards PH U. Penn Professor Dec 17
Goldhaber, David '88 Townes(Betz) PH GE Healthcare Principal Engineer Dec 17
Zmuidzinas, Jonas '87 McKee(Betz) PH Caltech Professor of Physics Dec 17
Djorgovski, S. George '85 Davis AY Caltech Professor of Astronomy Dec 17
Jakobsen, Peter '83 Bowyer AY University of Copenhagen, Niels Bohr Institute Affiliate Professor Dec 17
Balbus, Steven '81 McKee PH Oxford Professor Sep 17
Kahn, Steve '80 Bowyer PH Stanford Professor, Physics Dec 17
Goldsmith, Paul '75 Townes PH JPL Chief Technologist Dec 17
Geballe, Tom '74 Townes PH Gemini Staff Astronomer Dec 17
Cudaback, David D. '62 Weaver AY UC Berkeley tenured Astronomy Lecturer (deceased) Feb 07

Other alumni

Jon Arons compiled these tables of all Berkeley alumni since WWII and last them updated July 24, 1998.

Updates should go into the table above.