Graduate Student Postdoc Seminar

Location: 544 Campbell Hall

Time: Alternate Fridays @ 4:00pm (unless otherwise noted)

Past Seminars: fall_2006

26 Jan 2007 Joe Hennawi: “Shedding (Quasar) Light on Optically Thick Absorption Line Systems”
9 Feb 2007 John Johnson: “Exploring the Relationship Between Stellar Mass and Planet Occurrence”
23 Feb 2007 Pancho Ramos Stierle: “Preparing for Kepler: Simulating Stellar Microvariability”
Prateek Sharma: “Collisionless plasma effects in Sgr A*”
9 Mar 2007 Dan Perley: “Observations of bright and early gamma-ray burst afterglows: challenges to the standard model”
16 Mar 2007 Michael Cooper: “Star formation, environment, and the final chapter in my thesis”
Andrew West: “An update and more mysteries surrounding the most numerous stellar constituents of the Milky Way”
6 Apr 2007 Ruth Murray-Clay: “Photoevaporative Mass Loss From Hot Jupiters”
20 Apr 2007 Renbin Yan: “Galaxies in Transition: AGN Signatures and Environments of Post-starburst Galaxies”
4 May 2007 Josh Goldston: “Ongoing Galactic Accretion: Simulations and Observations of Condensed Gas in Hot Halos”
Mike Boylan-Kolchin: “Modeling Galaxy Merging Timescales”
14 May 2007 (Monday) Julie Comerford: “The Growth and Properties of Elliptical Galaxies and Clusters” (Practice Qual)