Spring 2013

Location: Spring Semester: B1 Hearst Field Annex

Time: Fridays @ 4:00pm

Organizers: Nathan Roth and Aaron Lee

Survey results: gspssurvey2012.pdf


Date Student Talk Title Postdoc Talk Title
25 Jan, 2013 Organization, Talk Signup, State of the Seminar Address, etc.
1 Feb, 2013 Erik Petigura Productivity Seminar I: Paper writing workflows Freeke van de Voort Growing galaxies in cosmological simulations
8 Feb, 2013 Matt George Transformers: Ellipticals in Disguise
15 Feb, 2013 Isaac Shivvers, Chris Klein Productivity Seminar II: How to become a command line ninja Command line ninjary
1 Mar, 2013 Aaron Lee Productivity Seminar III: How to give a talk Adrian Liu gspsleeliutalkslidehandout2.pdf
8 Mar, 2013 Lauren Weiss Can We Predict Planet Compositions? A Relation between Exoplanet Radius, Mass, and Incident Flux Prospective grad Q&A
15 Mar, 2013 Mike McCourt Sculpting cosmic gas into clusters Ann-Marie Madigan On the origin of young stars at the Galactic Center
22 Mar, 2013 Francesca Fornasini The Longitude Problem Brad Tucker Einstein's Biggest Blunder is Our Problem Now: Improve Type Ia Supernova Cosmology
29 Mar, 2013 Spring Break, woo!
5 Apr, 2013 Josiah Schwab The Evolution of ONeMg Cores Ori Fox Rocks and Shocks: What Dust and Circumstellar Interaction Can Tell Us about Supernovae and Their Progenitors
12 Apr, 2013 Nathaniel Roth The Physics of Ultra-Compact HII Regions
19 Apr, 2013
26 Apr, 2013 FORUM FORUM
3 May, 2013 Kaylan Burleigh The effect of rotation on the evolution of massive stars Michael Mortonson Dark energy after Planck
10 May, 2013 Chelsea Axen Interacting Supernovae: Why They Might Be the Next Big Thing in Supernova Research Adrian Liu
17 May, 2013 Erik Petigura Qual Practice

Productivity talks

  • Writing papers: Erik
  • Giving talks: Aaron L. and Adrian L.
  • Computer Skills: Isaac and Chris K.
  • Pedagogy: Lauren
  • Lab notebooks talk?