UCB Astronomy Theses

Recent theses are available online via ProQuest, and a smattering of older ones are stored on this website. It doesn't seem possible to link directly to ProQuest's list of Berkeley Astronomy ones in particular, but there are a few ways to quickly find what you want. As of June 2012, you can search for a thesis by author like this:

  • Click on “Advanced Search”
  • In the main search box, enter something like “au(chornock, ryan)” for an author search
  • In the “Source type” box, check only “Dissertations & Theses”
  • Your desired thesis will almost always be in the first page of results.

And you can browse Berkeley astronomy theses like this:

  • At the top of the page, select “Browse”
  • Select “Dissertations and Theses”
  • Select “Browse by Location”
  • Expand “United States – California”, then “University of California, Berkeley”
  • View the documents with the “astronomy” or “astrophysics” keywords. (Sadly, the different keywords probe disjoint subsets of the theses, and both of them pull in a lot of physics theses.)
  • You probably then want to sort by “Publication Date (most recent first)”

Below is a very incomplete listing of Berkeley theses. The format is indicated in brackets, with “[PQ]” indicating a link to ProQuest. “(P)” after a name denotes a degree received in Physics. “(AST)” after a name denotes a degree received in Applied Science & Technology. Some of the direct file links are quite large, unsurprisingly, though others link only to abstracts.

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