Sometimes we have to pay out of our own poor pockets on behalf of the department. Once we've spent that cash, it's nice to get reimbursed quickly and painlessly. Here are some guidelines for getting money back.

Reimbursement Types


Forms are all available online somewhere; ask the staff for more info. Keep receipts for all air travel and expenses over $75. Hold on to your boarding pass stub in case you're asked to prove you flew. Get your adviser's signature and submit the form to the staff member in charge of your adviser's grants. Keep a copy of the forms for yourself.


Colloquium Tea (and other stuff (maybe?))

Obtain itemized receipts for whatever you purchase to serve at Colloquium Tea. (In spring 2019 the weekly cost was $80-100.) Contact Nina Ruymaker [, 501C] to obtain a reimbursement form, and bring/email the receipt. Colloquium tea is a grad student job (for now), and is usually handled by one of the second years.