Please clean up after yourself in the remote observing rooms!

To get swipe access to the observing rooms, talk to the administrative staff at least a couple weeks in advance of when you need it (the authorization process is sometimes real slow).


The official department page about this stuff is here and the official Keck Mainland Observing page is here.

There are three observing rooms on the ground floor of Campbell. You need keycard access to enter. Each station is equipped with several monitors and a polycom for talking to the telescope operator on the summit. All rooms have a couch (146 has the comfiest) and room 144 has a fridge, coffee maker, and microwave, but please keep it all clean! Bathrooms are in the hallway; remember your keycard so you can get back into the observing room!


All of the Lick telescopes (Shane, Nickel, APF) can also be controlled from the same remote ops rooms as Keck, though usage priority is assigned based on aperture diameter (not first-come-first-serve).

Here is the Lick Observatory Remote Observing homepage. It has the Observing Policy and Instructions for remote observing on both the 3m and the 1m at Lick.